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My shop is open 🩷

20thSep 29, 2023 by Dimitra
I am very happy because for the first time you will see designs that do not exist 💙. I would love for you to support my store 👏🏻 as it is very hard to compete when others owners are paying others  to buy from their stores ( 600ts  , 800ts )  and get to the next round . The designs are new /  unique / fresh and you will be the one of the first to have and wear them here on TG 🧡 I want my store move to the next round for the first time 🙏🏻 Unfortunately I have to compete with these prizes for 2 reasons .
1st The designs are unique
2nd I will not pay others to buy from my shop

If I don’t move to the next round at least you will get new gorgeous designs ❤️
Thank you all 💜And good luck to shop owners who will play fair 😉



Who pays for people to buy from their shop LMAO
Sent by Eilish,Sep 29, 2023
Eilish I said your name ?
Sent by Dimitra,Sep 29, 2023
yassssssssss queen
Sent by Maraj,Sep 29, 2023
dimitra I never said you said my name I asked who does it?
Sent by Eilish,Sep 29, 2023
Eilish it’s obviously….
Sent by Dimitra,Sep 29, 2023
Can’t wait to see the designs!
Sent by Yoder,Sep 29, 2023
Sent by boysofsummer2005,Sep 30, 2023

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