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i'm being attacked

Jun 17, 2019 by Demgirl6
and let it be known here that i will Not gift westtemp, even with his threats of giving me "the old minus five", as i am a strong individual who will withstand the hate. thank you.


rlly demgirl
Sent by Delete2544,Jun 17, 2019
Hi guys, mmm, look at these lovely big tits. D'you know what we are? We're fucking cock destroyers aren't we babe? Cock fucking destroyers. Yeah, fucking cock destroyers. We love to just get your dick and fucking despunk them fucking balls. D'you know what? Rub these fucking balls in our mouths. Then we'll fucking teabag you. Hehehehe. Heh heh. Fucking spunk everywhere. Heheheh. Look at these big fucking tits. Yeah, are you excited about our gangbang? How much fucking spunk we're gonna get. You are gonna be fucking plastered in it. And we're gonna get fucked and everything and on Friday night we're sold out so we've got another morning gangbang. Morning gangbang! We need... how many more dicks do we need? About 6 fucking cocks and that's it. Yeah and then we're good to fucking go. Fuck our holes, fuck our faces, spunk all over us and even star in a porn film. Yes.
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Jun 17, 2019
Delete replaced you in our clique sorry demfuck6
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 17, 2019
Delete2544 why are you here!!!! what did i do to you!!!!!
Sent by Demgirl6,Jun 17, 2019
bigdizzleyomama WestTemp get out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Demgirl6,Jun 17, 2019
bigdizzleyomama can you stop harassing miss tenderloin
Sent by Symmetry888,Jun 17, 2019
Oh my god what did i do?
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Jun 17, 2019
I wouldn't have to bully demhoe6 if she just gifted me.
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 17, 2019
Sent by Demgirl6,Jun 17, 2019
You better gift WestTemp, dumb hoe! I’ll exploit those messages you sent me about Symmetry888!!
Sent by Logie56,Jun 17, 2019

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