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  1. I’m so self destructive
  2. My dad could die
  4. Add me on Skype
  5. Weird
  6. Favorite fetish???
  7. *Twirls Tito’s hair*
  8. Join frooks hotties
  9. Watched the challenge reunion
  10. Old school RuneScape
  11. Old school runescape
  12. I’m extremely over this community tbh
  13. Bread, rice, and pasta are the devil
  14. Officially lost
  15. I just cried in public
  16. I highkey
  17. Highly doubt I’ll sleep tonight
  18. Lol I hate fat people
  19. I need workout motivation
  20. There’s a guy
  21. Republicans < 3
  22. Thank god
  23. I’ll never forget
  24. Raggaeton / winding music
  25. Coming to you live
  26. Last two times I went out
  27. Add me on Old School Runescape fam
  28. Game design is my literal passion
  29. Old school RuneScape is on mobile now
  30. Old school Runescape is on mobile now!
  32. Oh I’m unbanned
  33. ...... Yah I was in TBC too!
  34. Weed smoking causes lung cancer
  35. Fighterman & I are brothers now btw
  36. More propaganda, neg
  37. Neg this propaganda
  38. Skype call
  39. I like Jews
  40. Political Skype chat


Sep 4, 2018 by Danger
Is a grown woman who thinks Homo sapiens originated in Europe.
And that the original humans were white.
She’s not even trolling either that’s the sad part. chameleon777


Shes a Youtube Superstar so you know she has a good education
Sent by Batya,Sep 4, 2018
She also thinks all black people are crackheads
Sent by astone929,Sep 4, 2018

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