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I never thought about it Feb 18, 2021
but growing up with parents that were always at work and rarely had time to communicate is really toxic.
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Damn Feb 16, 2021
seems like every week bamold1999 is in Stars tbh
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once again Feb 16, 2021
missed frooks enrollment
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Flyleaf - Red Sam Feb 16, 2021
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I wanna start a Group Game series! Feb 15, 2021
I’ve always hosted Skype game series but with Tengaged coming back alive I feel I should invest in Group Games.

Opinions from past players of my games? Olympia iigalaxyii Christossss Marwane Akora Koolness234  marietori Titoburitto too lazy to tag other ppl LOL
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Girl Feb 15, 2021
I just wanna frook what the fuck is this

Frooks is the most popular game. It needs to be the most common in the rotation imo Randomize
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