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  2. Long term Skype game
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Long term Skype game Oct 11, 2018
Based on Hunger Games & video games like D&D/WoW/League.
The sole survivor of 20+ players constantly attacking each other will be the winner of Battle Royale Season 2.. Last season Sam_hamwich Levonini & Koolness234 all three won together.

Post your Skype below if interested. The cast currently has 21 players.
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Long term Skype game Oct 10, 2018
Beginning this week. Last season Koolness234, Levonini, Sam_Hamwich won.
The format is similar to Hunger Games except you’ll be picking a role that possesses a set of unique powers. There’s currently 20 players in the game, I’m expecting about 24-26 total players. I’m possibly open to having a 30 person game ngl.

Last season lasted a week. I want this season to last longer so hopefully people don’t die fast again
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Battle Royale Season Two Oct 10, 2018
Long term Skype game similar to Hunger Games is starting this week.
There will be an estimated 20-26 players and the goal is to be the very last player standing.
Last season three people won [WINNERS: Koolness234 Levonini Sam_Hamwich] but this season only one will win.

If you want to play post your Skype username below and I’ll contact you.
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This hurricane is giving me so much anxiety Oct 9, 2018
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Not everyone has had the same opportunities Oct 9, 2018
and privileges you’ve had. So judging someone for their lack of ability to know something in itself is stupid.
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Battle Royale Season 1 results! Oct 8, 2018
Sam_Hamwich, the Berserker - 2 kills

Koolness234, the Berserker - 4 kills

Levonini, the Warlock - 5 kills

Good game everyone.
Tryphena, the Mage
Coreyants, the Rogue
Holder, the Shaman
@2388, the Mage
Forest_knight, the Shadow Priest
Eliotwhi, the Death Knight
Rozlyn, the Paladin
ThisIsMyGame, the Archer
Passionfruit, the Paladin
Zuelke, the Holy Priest
Wildboy12, the Holy Priest
Bigbrotherlover7, the Shadow Priest
@ other players that idk how to spell their username
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