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Me: I need friendsvote Aug 1, 2021
Also me: 21+ year olds only, be gay and attractive but not too attractive to where I wanna fuck you (cuz that’ll ruin the friendship), be 6+ foot (I can be the only short friend), and don’t be broke.
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PYN UPDATEDvote Aug 1, 2021
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Post your name ishvote Aug 1, 2021
Say one thing you dislike about me & I’ll say the same about you EXCEPT I’ll give one compliment to equalize it.

#Emzthorne - Design obsession but you’re hot
SeongWoo - No personality but I can tell by ur design taste that u have good style
sjsoccer88 - I think you dislike me sometimes and it makes me cry at night. Otherwise that ass 😍
tylerwayne - You’re distant and kinda standoffish but you do seem cool when someone melts the exterior
Firex - You’re a gamebot. Otherwise, I think you’re pretty attractive
amandabynes - Super introverted. You’re funny as shit though
Brightongal - I feel you don’t like me as much as I like you. Same with Xoxokaci1 and DJ4460. I love all 3 of you but i don’t think it’s mutual LOL. But yah you’re such a fun time to be around ilysm
melindaMrskk - You got mad because I negged your spam LOOOL. Otherwise you’ve ALWAYS been cool as hell. That was so random, and we haven’t talked since 😭
Lexeyjane - You’re literally a baby to me, I feel you and Delete are Skins gen 2 while I’m Skins gen 1. You’re cool as hell tho and I feel we’d be good friends if we actually talked
Galaxies - You’re very introverted. Otherwise, you’re cool as hell. I wish we’d talk more too ngl
Temponeptune - You used to be friends with a lot of known racists like Lemjam6, Halloween, Kelly0412. Otherwise, I feel we’d be better friends if we didn’t have a huge misunderstanding of each other’s personality
KingB24 - I feel you come across as just a sidekick and not a main character. Otherwise you seem really nice so I’d love if we became friends
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Question for gays Jul 30, 2021
Do you aspire to look like your type? :O
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I’m so dang lost Jul 30, 2021
He said “How could you pregame without knowing the cast” then admits 3 comments later to strategizing with known duos pregame??
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The betting system Jul 30, 2021
is definitely the reason Tengaged currency is so inflated.
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