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  1. When you think of tengaged
  2. I feel like
  3. Finals week
  4. I don’t get it
  5. I’m so self destructive
  6. My dad could die
  8. Add me on Skype
  9. Weird
  10. Favorite fetish???
  11. *Twirls Tito’s hair*
  12. Join frooks hotties
  13. Watched the challenge reunion
  14. Old school RuneScape
  15. Old school runescape
  16. I’m extremely over this community tbh
  17. Bread, rice, and pasta are the devil
  18. Officially lost
  19. I just cried in public
  20. I highkey
  21. Highly doubt I’ll sleep tonight
  22. Lol I hate fat people
  23. I need workout motivation
  24. There’s a guy
  25. Republicans < 3
  26. Thank god
  27. I’ll never forget
  28. Raggaeton / winding music
  29. Coming to you live
  30. Last two times I went out
  31. Add me on Old School Runescape fam
  32. Game design is my literal passion
  33. Old school RuneScape is on mobile now
  34. Old school Runescape is on mobile now!
  36. Oh I’m unbanned
  37. ...... Yah I was in TBC too!
  38. Weed smoking causes lung cancer
  39. Fighterman & I are brothers now btw
  40. More propaganda, neg

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When you think of tengaged vote Dec 12, 2018
Who do you think of?
I think of the blondetourage + lads + kaba Hills + phUN mainly
Cuuum Bengalboy @Joeposh @Kaffreya #Kingmac ect. It’s interesting because most people now probably don’t even know who these people are
Points: 29 1 comments
I feel like vote Dec 12, 2018
Halloween gets more angry as the years progress.
I just don’t get what parents let their kid end up so fat and ugly then allow him to spend all his time on the Internet...? His parents clearly don’t love him. No parent who loves their kid would let them end up looking or acting like that
Points: -10 7 comments
Finals week Dec 11, 2018
Is literally molesting me
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I don’t get it Dec 11, 2018
Austino15fffan You’ve literally claimed to never want to date a black person yet you act so socially righteous and even call me, a black gay person, racist because I say #FREEPALESTINE lmao.

I’ve never seen a bigger walking contradiction in my life but at least God’s already smited him by making his face skin droop more than ice cream and pimples the size of pepperonis all over his mouth. Sad when even God clearly doesn’t like you :/
Points: 1 8 comments
I’m so self destructive Dec 10, 2018
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My dad could die Dec 8, 2018
And I wouldn’t care at all lol
Points: 14 2 comments