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This week Jul 4, 2020
Tengaged is comparing racism to pedophelia....
kelly0412 has always been a racist piece of shit so if you want to crucify someone for hating him more than a pedophile then you’re literally choosing an apple over an orange, like big whoop they’re both bad.

I’m assuming it was a vote between Kelly vs Iceey right?
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No title Jul 4, 2020
benp428 is the guy with the racist multi nickcurr? Yikes
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The challenge dirty 30 Jun 29, 2020
is honestly one of the best seasons imo LOL
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8 finals and 0 wins??? Jun 29, 2020
Dude be social and you’ll win temponeptune
alexclow345 always comments on my blogs. I don’t think I’ve seen you even try talking to me... ever LOL. And I’ve been here for 11 years.
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Being high Jun 29, 2020
and trying to intermittent fast is absolutely difficult as shit
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There’s new comps?? Jun 28, 2020
Time to be a Survivor beast guys
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