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TBC Gauntlet first week nominations

Jun 26, 2018 by Danger
Totaldramalover1234, Akora, and Wildboy12 were ambushed by Koolness234 Bigbrotherlover12 Forest_knight Nightcore and Nothingbutrouble in a majority rules team vote to send them into the Gauntlet. Leaving Bigbrotherlover7 on the oust of the everything.

The Veterans team were politically divided and couldn’t come to a majority rules decision, therefor team Fresh Meat got to select 3 Veterans they wanted to enter the Gauntlet and they chose Coreyants(last season winner), 2388, and Eliotwhi.

The first Gauntlet of the season is a game of plank thigh touches while performing arithmetic equations. Each player has to hold a plank while touching the back of their thigh 10 times (alternating hands each time) and then hold the plain plank position as I give them a math problem to solve in under 30 seconds. There are 3 math problems in total to solve. The player who answers the most math problems correctly will win the elimination. If it’s a tie, time will be the determining factor.

This week’s matchups were decided by forest_knight:
Eliotwhi [Veteran] VS Wildboy12 [Fresh Meat]
2388 [Veteran] VS Akora [Fresh Meat]
Coreyants [Veteran] VS Totaldramalover1234 [Fresh Meat]


Plussed since I'm mentioned
Sent by Forest_Knight,Jun 26, 2018

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