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8thAug 10, 2019 by CalebDaBoss
I am sitting on the block next to a man named Meyaar who has done absolutely NOTHING since Joe maturo left. While Joe was here Meyaar did NOTHING except for sheep him up until the point they were BOTH NOMINATED and Joe went home after being a flavor for so long and now Meyaar is following suit as Joe as he has been nominated FIVE TIMES this bitch has TALKED TO NO ONE and has had ZERO COMMUNICATION and stayed in a VERY close poll against someone who DEADASS ASKED TO BE EVICTED I am here on your tv screens tonight telling you that I support GOOD gameplay and not LITTLE SHEEP gameplay because I am one who believes in independence and I think that you have to EARN your way into the finals and ignore that means playing dirty then SO BE IT because this is the farthest I’ve ever made it in stars and I DO NOT plan on ending it SO CLOSE to the end thank you all for tuning in to this live Stars house report I am Jessica Milagros signing out.
Plz evict Meyaar here


Well Chance made it unnommed, so who sheeped who in this stars?
Sent by CutieAmy,Aug 10, 2019
cutieamy I came up with most of the moves hun I didn’t sheep the votes were tied between me/Chance/chic
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 10, 2019
Good luck
Sent by bibbles,Aug 10, 2019
All false remarks.

Put up for 4th after your allies pushed you out has made a big dent to your mental abilities
Sent by Meyaar,Aug 10, 2019
meyaar they only nommed me since they knew I had the best chance at beating u hun bc I have Jesus on my side and I know my lord and savior will save me over the devil spawn that is you
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 10, 2019
First off you 4 votes. I tied with chic.

Secondly they nommed you cause you were at their bottom pole. Perhaps next stars ull make better choices.
Sent by Meyaar,Aug 10, 2019
meyaar u can say that all u want but I will be the one that ends ur flavor reign
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 10, 2019

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