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  1. The most robbed 2nd boot (pic)
  2. Got a haircut :D
  3. I just took a long ass nap
  4. Eviction Notice
  5. Merry Thiccmas tengaged :D
  6. Wasted money on frooks
  7. 1984 casting is favorited
  8. Hosting Long Term Masterchef on Discord
  9. CalebDaBlonde is Back
  10. It’s my birthday :D
  11. Me when
  12. We love a reality show
  13. I got a TD OC (pic)
  14. Apply Bitches
  15. I’m lookin thicc today :P
  16. Can someone plz
  17. Is there a link?
  18. Wtf Creeped Out
  19. Junko Enoshima has hit Roblox (pic)
  20. Ranking Of Creeped Out Villains
  21. I just made a thicc girls f3 (pic)
  22. Watched Masked Singer
  23. I honestly love you
  24. Ofc
  25. I feel bad
  26. I should’ve applied for 1984
  27. Wear black for Jessica
  28. Plz tag me here
  29. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince
  30. Rose Mulet female icon
  31. Plz tag me here
  32. I genuinely
  33. The Barbie was robbed
  34. Julie’s hair tonight
  35. Like a roller coaster ride
  36. Big T ftw
  37. This thong I’m wearing
  38. Mmbatalokoa got voted off
  39. Cliff is the flavor of BB21
  40. Stars Support

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The most robbed 2nd boot (pic) Jan 17, 2020
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Got a haircut :D Jan 14, 2020
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I just took a long ass nap Dec 27, 2019
Omg last night I played a mini for 8 hours and won :D however I only got 2 hours of sleep because I had a dentist appointment and I was so tired lmao so now I feel good after that nap :D
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Eviction Notice Dec 25, 2019
Add LisaRinna14 to play
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Merry Thiccmas tengaged :D Dec 25, 2019

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Wasted money on frooks Dec 22, 2019
Just to be caught in the cross fires of bb5lover and rozlyn’s feud
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