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  1. This vid is fake
  2. honestly
  3. Just bought a funny pride tank
  4. My filter list
  5. Just watched dog’s journey
  6. i actually just bought builder's club
  7. if he could predict the future
  8. ETN 4 GenderSwap
  9. most robbed horror movie character
  10. bets are open :D
  11. Double shot at love
  12. Accurate Rankings
  13. someone should start
  14. The worst horror movie character
  15. Me calling Akeria thicc on his blogs
  16. ETN 4 my pre-season prediction
  17. i played roblox high school horror game
  18. ETN
  19. This girl on MC Junior
  20. ETN 4 Pre-Season Ranks
  21. OMG
  22. Update ur PYN
  23. Lying whore
  24. i was working with my GBF
  25. I remember last season
  26. OMG
  27. My job is serving food at concessions
  28. Honestly
  29. I’m gonna buy colored contacts
  30. When I get evicted in stars
  31. ETN AllStars Cast
  32. I am so disgusted
  33. Tbh
  34. The Love Island game
  35. I’m shook
  36. I’m a celebrity
  37. Oof she got evicted
  38. Lol
  39. I love my new hair :D
  40. I remember

escape the night s3 prediction updated

Jun 9, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
10th JC
9th Ro
8th Mat
7th Teala
6th Guava
5th Nikita
4th Colleen
3rd Joey
Survived Manny and Safiya


I know its always a guy and girl that survives but I'd be so happy if Colleen and Safiya were the top 2
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Jun 9, 2018
I think Mat may be a more Eva-type character, too smart to die
Sent by hellomynameis347,Jun 9, 2018
And Mat at least makes Top 5, based on the trailer
Sent by zorbo678,Jun 9, 2018

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