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  1. My favorite 18 year old
  2. It was obvious Domenick wouldn't win
  3. regarding the tie tonight
  4. how do y'all think
  5. when will big brother
  6. has anyone else
  7. tonight is vivor finale
  8. FrenchMaid was killed in a fight by Marlakk
  9. Honestly
  10. i'm so fucking broke
  11. Unfriended Dark Web
  12. honestly
  13. today
  14. I hate donathan
  15. Survivor 38
  16. honestly
  17. i can't believe
  18. American Idol Finale Prediction
  19. Caught up on Island Homecoming
  20. Pic of page from my yearbook
  21. :(
  22. Yass
  23. i just realized
  24. Caleb Club
  25. survivor question
  26. honestly
  27. omg
  28. my bro
  29. Kaela
  30. i hate
  31. honestly
  32. me in a crowd
  33. Survivor Boot Order Probably
  34. Big Brother My Cast S1 Boot Order
  35. i hate boys in my town
  36. when you lose roblox survivor
  38. lmao
  39. roblox survivor sucks
  40. honestly

Has anyone else

Apr 7, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Played FNAF Sister Location?
Because I just completed it last night and it honestly scared the living daylights out of me it was horrifying and the ending was just disturbing
Spoiler Alert
It ends with a machine killing you and a robot takes your skin and puts it on and in the mirror it shows a shadow with pink eyes signifying that it isn’t human which then plays incredibly disturbing music plays in the background
Here’s the scene for visualization


I love Sister Location
Sent by Macda27,Apr 8, 2018

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