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escape the night season rankings

Jan 14, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Season1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Season 2
I loved season 1 a lot it had deserving winners and a great storyline
while season 2 sucked black cock
for the following reasons
too many fucking ridiculous twists
tried way too hard to be good
so many fucking unjustices
Liza was fucking robbed
Tana was a queen and did not deserve to die
Gabbie was the worst of all she did not deserve such a horrible way to go after we were rooting for her all season just for her to go like that i actually cried
and the people who survived did not deserve it at all
the survivors should've been Gabbie and Liza
not fucking Andrea and bitch ass Tyler Oakley


Though I did enjoy the season.
Liza and Gabbie surviving would been simply ICONIC.
Sent by Wolven6974,Jan 15, 2018

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