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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Group Game Placements

Jun 26, 2012 by CK11
Link's Survivor: The Amazon (1st/18) [Player of the Season]
Suitman's Survivor: Jordan (1st/16) [Player of the Season]
Survivor's Survivor: Polynesia - Generations (1st/18)

Bluba's Survivor: Palau (2nd/16)
Survivor's Survivor: Maldives (2nd/20) [Player of the Season]
Suitman's Survivor: Deception Island - Secrets and Lies (2nd/18)

Drago's Survivor: Occultus Island (3rd/25)
Suitman's Survivor: The Australian Outback (3rd/16)
Janelle's Survivor: Tanzania (3rd/18)
Lifer's Survivor: The Black Forest (3rd/16)

Manalord's Survivor: Guatemala - Vets Isle (4th/20)
Link's Survivor: Tristan da Cunha (4th/32)

Mearl's Survivor: Mutiny Island (5th/20)

Link's Survivor: Egypt (6th/18)
Cutthroat Survivor: Blood vs. Water (6th/18)
Suitman's Survivor: Valhalla – Generation Wars (6th/24)

Bingo's Survivor: Tibet (7th/18)

BENLINUS's Survivor: Nicaragua - Second Chances II (9th/20)
Leli's Survivor: Socotra - Trial of Trust (9th/20)
Leli's Survivor: St. Croix - Heroes vs. Villains (9th/20)

KidA's Survivor: Moldova (10th/16)
Manalord's Survivor: Cagayan (10th/18)

Suitman's Survivor: Moral vs Merciless (11th/20)

Obscurity's Survivor: Japan (12th/18)

Cmack's Survivor: Gabon (15th/18)
JS21's Survivor: Cagayan (15th/24)

KidA's Survivor: Kenya (16th/18)
Suitman's Survivor: Polynesia (16th/21)

Suitman's Survivor: Thailand - Past vs Present (17th/22)
Link's Survivor: All-Stars (17th/24)
Suitman's Survivor: Belgium - All-Stars (17th/18)

BENLINUS's Survivor: Cook Islands (18th/20)
BENLINUS's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains (18th/20)

Gaia's Survivor: Return to Bouvet Island (19th/91)
Lifer107/nbkiller's Survivor: Island of Champions (19th/100)
Mearl/Gohan/Dono's Survivor: Amantani (19th/21) [Quit]

Suitman's Survivor: Best of the Best (22nd/30)

RJ's The Amazing Race 12 (4th/11)
RJ's The Amazing Race 15: All-Stars (4th/12)


But comment on this :D
Sent by CK11,Jun 26, 2012
Sent by TheMB305,Jun 26, 2012
commented elijah stop yelling
Sent by wavykidq,Jun 26, 2012
commented elijah stop yelling
Sent by PringoKid,Jun 26, 2012
Commented Elijah. Go drink a sandwich
Sent by Unit8890,Jun 26, 2012
Commented, Elijah...
Sent by Josephh,Jun 26, 2012
puberty kicked elijahs ass then decided it didnt want to even be near him
Sent by RespectThePouch,Jun 26, 2012
Ring #14: PYN to Claim!
Sent by 01Gohan,Nov 1, 2012
Sent by themissinglink,Nov 2, 2012
Link's Survivor Iceland - Troll #1 

PYN to claim and remember to send me the link.
Sent by themissinglink,Nov 29, 2012
Sent by Leli14,Nov 29, 2012
Jacob_C's The Mole clue

the number in CK11 is the second digit

final number...............

go to the first blog that you ever made
Sent by Jacob_C,Apr 26, 2013
Survivor's Survivor Canada

Necklace #5
Sent by Survivor233,Jun 6, 2013
claims necklace survivor233
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jun 6, 2013
Link's Survivor Second Chances.

RI Idol #1
Sent by themissinglink,Nov 23, 2013
Link's Survivor Second Chances FIC

Letter #5 - E

Now head to the first blog of the person was the last player eliminated from their tribe when CK11 was a coach.
Sent by themissinglink,Nov 27, 2013

7th DUEL!

Sent by Leli14,Dec 8, 2013
Sent by ThatLoudDodrio,Dec 8, 2013
Clue #11: Go to the first blog of the only person to beat Manalord in an individual immunity challenge in his season.
Sent by CK11,Dec 19, 2013
RJ's The Amazing Race 12

Tyre #1
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jan 11, 2014
Sent by CK11,Feb 7, 2014
Wangy's Survivor Beasts vs. Leasts!
2 Stars! Please put your name below to claim the stars.
Sent by wangifold,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by donosaurus_rex,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by KidA,Dec 27, 2014
Dono's Survivor: Iceland - A Viking Saga

You have found one of my shiny little coins. It is worth 1 LINK.

Post your name below to claim it for your tribe.
Sent by donosaurus_rex,Jan 21, 2018
Sent by Hufus,Jan 22, 2018
Sent by VanHow10,Jan 22, 2018
Sent by Gleality,Jan 23, 2018
Sent by NoBow,Jan 23, 2018
Link's Survivor Galapagos

You have found 1 diamond.  PM me the link to this blog to claim it.
Sent by themissinglink,Apr 3, 2018

Congratulations! You have found the fourth buried treasure! Be the first to mail _JB_ to claim the loot!
Sent by _JB_,Nov 6, 2019
Bradys Survivor S2: Santorini | IC 1
Sent by CoachWade,Nov 10, 2021

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