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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is The Queen of Confrontation


Mocallio says: omg.  We're both NY... we're both HOOD.  I love you !.  Like we relate in so many levels.  Whenever you write blogs, they give me a sense of where I'm from bc you act so much like my friends irl.  We're going to need to continue our FRIENDSHIP, bc I have so much respect for you.  You're a true bad bitch repping NY !.  I want you to take my place on this site & honestly show the weak ass experienced tengagers who's BOSS. 

The Bread Clan

Survivor Indonesia

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Winner of the 20th hunger games
Unique from district 8

Winner of Manalord survivor
Cook island

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Won old casting(1st place)
Won long casting(1st Place)
Won fasting(1st place)
Won frookies(3rd place)
Won new rookies(3rd place)
Won old rookies(5th place)
Won survivor(Merged)
Won new duel(7th place)
Won the duel(never got a chance to play)
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Charities I participated in:
1.Itznessa-I took 5th place
2.PlasticJo-I took 4th place


#1 Akron-remember u said ooh well to me I said that was very disrespectful and you continued to say it.yea bitch I bet u didn't forgets the cussing I gave you.I give u yor props u got me out the house but u didn't win hahahahahahaha Bitch-2nd casting game I played

#2 Waterprince-he want to attack me cause I was laughing at what someone said to you nd then this pussy bitch started to neg me so I cussed his ass out and sent his ass home yess bitch I'm not the person to mess wit bye bitch-6th casting game I played

#3 SaladTosser-i put up a blog sayin teach me how to do rookies and this stink ass bitch is gonna say "give me your password" and I was like no are you stupid you not gonna delete my shit then that bitch want to call me a n*****.bitch you wish you was a n**** bitch you need to go bleach dhat ugly yellow as skin you wearing with you stupid racist ass

#4 Doddy25-you wanted to started trouble with me for no reason and then when I called you out on your shit you want to go toe to toe with me bitch I'm the right 1 to do that with and bitch I'm a far better arguer than you ever be take notes your gonna need it bitch

#5 Blythe-this bitch want to come at me cause i came in the room and said the diva has arrived and now that bitch want to argue i will knock u out dont fucking play with me if you cant handle this bitch peace out mother fucker

#6 and #7 brookie_cookie nd bigpimpin- yall are 2 lying mother fuckers cause they told me that i won a gift giveaway and never gave me my gift so those bitches just got welcomed to my shit list and dont think yall are cominng off anytime soon and I dont want that gift anymore you 2 pathetic pieces of shit

#8 Monsterr-this stupid ass mother fucker right is the 2nd mother fucking person to be racist on this shit list he wants to call me a n***** with is stink sweaty fat ass looking like a donut on crack bitch that's why you getting banned bitch cause I reported you bye bitch have fun with your last moments on tengaged mother fucker

#9 thebabyjesus-there are 3 things you don't fuck with and that's me,my mother,or my religion and bitch you fuck with the most important 1.who the fuck died and make you god bitch that's what I really want to kno cause bitch you never did nothing to help someone that's worth talking about!bitch this is my final mother fucking warning!mess with my religion again and its a mother fucking wrap!! Adios bitch

#10,11, and 12 florina zoeygasms and mohagony yall are 3 dumb mother fuckers that messed with the wrong bitch. i thought i had a fucking problem with zoey not her two mother fucking sidekicks. bitch mahagony you are not not black so jump of our that mother fucking wagon. zoey you are a fucking troll so shut the fuck up and under mother fucking bridge you cunt. hahahahaha florina you are a fucking pathetic ass dumb ass fake ass ugly ass bitchy ass mother fucking troll. yalll are all fucking irrelevant sadly and yall hating cause a new diva hit the scene. sit back a take notes you fucking assholes

# 13 Halloween- you racist prick. you want to make fun of black people when you fat disoriented ass cant get off your mother fucking computer. Bitch you are always on your ass when you die you have to lay on your stomach to give your ass a break. bitch you need jenny craig and a resperator. you fat fuck


My Games 134 games played

12 Oct, 13
6 Oct, 13
30 Aug, 13
24 Jun, 13
18 May, 13
19 Feb, 13
20 Jan, 13

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