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I think I have

Nov 16, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
Depersonalization. For the past few days, ive been feeling like weird. Idk why, it could be because I’m so stressed and tired all the time. Its been causing me to not focus sometimes. I looked up what it was and some of the descriptions matched my case. It sometimes, during every day events, feels like I’m in a dream or I’m a robot. I sometimes stick out my hands and feel like there detached from my body or I can’t control it. It’s weird hm. It doesn’t make me panick or go crazy or anything. It just makes me tired and un-focused. In other words it doesn’t really have much effects on me except probably bad scores on tests.

I’m not sure if I have depersonalization, but it’s definitely something similar. I’ll get a ton of sleep this weekend and see how I feel.

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