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  1. Bernie 2020 馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑
  2. Oh how I love
  3. I demand you to watch this video
  4. Does anyone know how to
  5. Tengaged help me
  6. Join SURVIVOR!
  7. Hi! I鈥檓 Bob and I鈥檓 here to WIN!
  8. My dad is crazy
  9. Rate my avi 1-10
  10. Ugh wow I鈥檓 so old :/
  11. I am READY to play some FASTINGS
  12. Ngl
  13. Lmaooooo
  14. No title
  15. Guess it really helps
  16. Idk why but recently
  17. Late Stars support
  18. Mr. Nightmare
  19. Now this guy knows what鈥檚 up
  20. I don鈥檛 eat kangaroos
  21. Stars FINALS!
  22. Noob Lives Matter
  23. Honestly I hate
  24. Guess my stars %
  25. I made it to top 4 in stars
  26. Good morning <3
  27. Oh no :///
  28. We must REVOLT!
  29. Guess my stars %
  30. Yesterday
  31. Guess my stars %
  32. How Stars Enrollment Should Work
  33. I just LOVE being nommed in stars!
  34. Wow!
  36. Is survivor on rn?
  37. No title
  38. Idgi
  39. Stars is the Tilted Towers of Tengaged
  40. Around ____ People Vote

you idiots

Jul 8, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
why didnt krisstory win stars? nothing against the others but one of the finalists even said Kris played the best game. when I played with him he also played the best game. give him a fucking win already, he deserves it


For a kid who has been on this site for a long time you're not too bright
Sent by Lissylion15,Jul 8, 2018
well long time no see lissylion15 however it is apparent that you are the one who isn't too bright, because that statement is wrong
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jul 8, 2018

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