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  1. PYN to play Karma Kompetition
  3. Karma Kompetition!!!! PYN
  6. Here are 3 links to high quality blogs
  7. Frookies Song
  8. F. U. N.
  9. how to fix the country!!! #MURRCANREVOLUTION
  10. Ranked 201!!!
  11. Am I the only person
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  13. how much xp is mace
  14. Thank you for the gift!!!!!!!
  15. the greatest frat of all time
  16. Hie rhymes with pie
  17. What are you guys getting this Christmas?
  18. what do
  19. anyone wanna play
  20. uh um
  21. oop i was the 43rd best tengaged
  22. Wow xd lololol
  23. Holy cow
  24. Donald Trump isn’t real
  25. hi just made a 22 song playlist
  26. why the fuck would someone
  27. im gonna make a music playlist
  28. Hello children of Randomize
  29. The weekend is here!
  30. Why do I have so much acne?
  31. When am I supposed to study for finals?
  32. LMAO @ my dad
  33. jasoi the rule breaker
  34. F. U. N. Part 2
  35. F. U. N.
  36. S A V E J A S O I I N S T A R S
  37. Why does life have to always be crap
  38. Who is the cunt? me or my teacher?
  39. so today my chinese teacher
  40. almost ranked in top 200!

you idiots

Jul 8, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
why didnt krisstory win stars? nothing against the others but one of the finalists even said Kris played the best game. when I played with him he also played the best game. give him a fucking win already, he deserves it


For a kid who has been on this site for a long time you're not too bright
Sent by Lissylion15,Jul 8, 2018
well long time no see lissylion15 however it is apparent that you are the one who isn't too bright, because that statement is wrong
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jul 8, 2018

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