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More WIns = Bigger Target

Feb 20, 2020 by Brad13535

For the first time in ten years on tengaged I managed to pull out every POV competition in a frookies but on top of that I managed to prevail against a strong as shit group of individuals who have wanted me out of the game since DAY ONE. It was against tg gods will for me to make it to the end of this game when I had doors swung in my face time and time again in this game. I fought my ass off to get here and voted strategically based upon who my comp threats were and who had the best shot at winning HOH. I even managed to pull out an HOH when I was negged into oblivion because I took a chance on plussing the entire cast to gain traction and it WORKED. Ppl were willing to sacrifice their own games for the sake of moving dev further in this game.

Congratulations! You have just made yourself an even bigger target in the long run....yea what a great strategy to want to be seen as the biggest threat all the time....


Sent by Birks4444,Feb 20, 2020

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