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Big Brother 22 Jun 30, 2020
Man I hope this is true

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Big Brother 22 Jun 9, 2020
Anyone know if it’s going to happen this year?
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About this new layout.... Apr 25, 2020
In the nicest way possible I’m going to have to say...gross...please if you can change it back to the way it was randomize
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Selfiegate Apr 23, 2020
imageEveryone is doing this #selfiegate thing and I got tagged for it so here you go
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Save Bluejay Apr 19, 2020
But in the pillbox just say you saved Marta so she doesn’t see there’s a bunch saying they saved Wes so she doesn’t feel panicked enough to start spamming multis to evict Wes
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Apr 18, 2020
Damn the story was so damn good! probs the best FF story to date..cant believe how well they remade that...cant wait for the 2nd part especially since im sure there will be alot more exploration :D
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