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  1. I am denouncing bolsonaro
  2. Spot the lie in her star speech
  3. Bitch, come again?
  4. So since you want to delete my comments
  5. Tried it!
  6. Will I go up in stars
  7. Nobody buy those expensive ass designs
  8. What does peeps offer you
  9. Peeps’ motto:
  10. If his age matches the clock
  11. Imagine
  12. Isn’t in funny how
  13. Canada sucks at tennis
  14. It’s not that I dislike keys
  15. Can people
  16. Master tyler
  17. No title
  18. A bunch of adults ganging up on a teenager
  19. Good week
  20. Sum me record?
  21. Stupid obsessed bitch
  22. Violets join hunger itll be fun bby
  23. Its so lonely in hunger
  24. Lol
  25. I love how zach and Kelly
  27. ⭐️Nommed for 9th place⭐️(sorry my last..
  28. thanks to all my saves so far in stars
  29. Comment for a stars shout out!
  30. Hey Tengaged <3
  31. Support me in stars y'all <3
  33. That Stars poll just proves
  34. If Dora was a man
  35. Way to go Niko!
  36. Peeps is jealous that
  37. You cant play the new comps on touch screen
  38. What's a good site to watch tv shows
  39. So because this cunt filtered me I've got a..
  40. 2 More to Join frooks!!

Its so lonely in hunger

Dec 6, 2017 by Bluejay762

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