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  1. I am denouncing bolsonaro
  2. Spot the lie in her star speech
  3. Bitch, come again?
  4. So since you want to delete my comments
  5. Tried it!
  6. Will I go up in stars
  7. Nobody buy those expensive ass designs
  8. What does peeps offer you
  9. Peeps’ motto:
  10. If his age matches the clock
  11. Imagine
  12. Isn’t in funny how
  13. Canada sucks at tennis
  14. It’s not that I dislike keys
  15. Can people
  16. Master tyler
  17. No title
  18. A bunch of adults ganging up on a teenager
  19. Good week
  20. Sum me record?
  21. Stupid obsessed bitch
  22. Violets join hunger itll be fun bby
  23. Its so lonely in hunger
  24. Lol
  25. I love how zach and Kelly
  27. ⭐️Nommed for 9th place⭐️(sorry my last..
  28. thanks to all my saves so far in stars
  29. Comment for a stars shout out!
  30. Hey Tengaged <3
  31. Support me in stars y'all <3
  33. That Stars poll just proves
  34. If Dora was a man
  35. Way to go Niko!
  36. Peeps is jealous that
  37. You cant play the new comps on touch screen
  38. What's a good site to watch tv shows
  39. So because this cunt filtered me I've got a..
  40. 2 More to Join frooks!!

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I am denouncing bolsonaro May 12, 2018
one time, he said that women should earn less because they get pregnant.

said that anyone who interacts with blacks is promiscuous.

also said that the Holocaust of World War II was a lie.

I need your help. make a blog by denouncing it!
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Spot the lie in her star speech May 1, 2018
“ive got some kind of groove going tengaged” ~ brendameekz

*gets nommed for the second time and it’s still top 12*

*targetted someone 5 day changes in a row and still hasn’t managed to get them up*

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Bitch, come again? May 1, 2018

Enjoy 12th! neleh
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So since you want to delete my comments Apr 30, 2018
I would like to address the lies that are in @matedog star blog. First of all, I was the one who made the Brenda/bryce set, I was the one who made u a set. Stop giving Nathan all the credit ! Second of all Nathan hasn’t spoken to anyone in 24 hours. Stop making up lies about him to try and get him evicted. Don’t come for me next time and you won’t get nommed bitch!

Anyways if you don’t respect liars evict matedog in stars and make my game easier!!
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Tried it! Apr 30, 2018
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Will I go up in stars Apr 30, 2018
After being a counter 4 times in a row. Or will I be 8/8 in noms after this DC? Stay tuned
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