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BB19 Blue Rankings, Episode 2

Jun 30, 2017 by BlueBarracuda
Episode spoilers and a few feeds spoilers, so read at your own risk. Doubt anyone reads these those.

16 Megan - I think Megan was playing a great game. Obviously without the feeds, we're kind of left in the dark how Megan alienated herself so much, but in the episodes itself, she was playing well and was unfairly harassed by Josh. I am GUTTED she was removed from the house due to "health reasons" because she had incredible potential. With her and Cameron gone week 1, my pre-show favorites are already out. I hate that she screwed over her friends in the house in the process, so I look forward to see what happened. Since she will appear in the next episode probably, she'll have one more episode (I think?) to be ranked. I doubt she'll appear this high next time, but in episode 1 and 2 and preshow, she was fantastic.

15Paul - I really hate that I am ranking Paul this high, but he is actually playing well if you're watching the feeds and is playing a great social game, when he should be ostracized. He is the star of the feeds ATM and entertaining during the show, without being obnoxious like he used to be last season.

14Kevin - Kevin amuses me greatly and somehow managed to go under the radar while securing social bonds. He's not locked in the alpha bro alliance that is destined to fail, so I think he is set (for now), plus everyone thinks Ramses took the 25K, not him.

13Alex - I know a lot of viewers/HGs are finding her abrasive and aren't fans of her, but I still love her. I can't see her make it past pre-jury at this point, but I am glad that even though Megan screwed her over, she secured veto and will be around a tad longer, giving her a bit more time to win people back over (although not likely, especially with her stubborness).

12Matt - Matt seems to be in a solid position and hasn't done anything to annoy me yet. The only negative is that he seems to go to bed early and he's the only one I haven't seen on the feeds yet, so my opinion might change. His lack of confessionals in episode 2 doesn't help me change my opinions, but he is my winner pick now .. I guess.

11Dominique - She is blending well and has managed to maintain a lowkey presence, aside from a tiny fight with Josh, which he overreacted about. I like her strategy sessions with Mark and I hope they blossom, rather than Mark + token hot girl.

10Mark - He deserves a better partnership with Cody, so hopefully he'll help backdoor him and continue to work with Dominique and Matt. He is endearing on the cams. His major con is that he is desperate for a showmance and I think the ladies see him more as a brother, not as a potential hook-up.

9Raven - She seriously needs to STOP sitting on top of people. Her clingyness is now the most annoying part about her and she is an annoying person through and through. But she seems like a sweet person so far and seems to have a mind of her own.

8Elena - She is a bit desperate and thirsty, so she needs to tone it down and stop playing with the guy's emotions. I think this will backfire on her. She is a solid side character though, but not really a featured player.

7 Jillian - I hate her, but she is an underdog at this point and I feel bad for the girls who become the perpetual pawns every season to little of their own fault. She could sneak her way into jury with that though, if people keep targetting bigger threats around her. I like bitchy, sassy Jillian so I hope we see more of that.

6Ramses - I feel bad for him, cause he seriously wants to fit in and be part of the popular clique, but it's just coming across that he's playing all sides. He could be, but I think that's just his way of socializing with people, but the others just think of him as a rat. I think he is the scapegoat for a lot of fake theories (he has the 25K) and will suffer an early exit cause of it.

5 Christmas - She's a solid person, but she seems a bit stern, even when she is hanging out and having fun. She needs to loosen up a bit. She also seems a bit fake. I like her for now though, but if she keeps making moves against my own opinions, she is going to dwindle in my rankings.

4 Jason - He's not too bad and a LOT more low key than I anticipated. He doesn't do much though or add much to the show. Now it looks like he might be the replacement nom and potential target, so I really won't miss him. Doesn't help he eats and sleeps all day and doesn't socialize with the kids.

3 Jessica - I don't care if people do showmances, but she doesn't really do anything but cuddle next to a sociopath. If she wanted to fuck a block of wood, I am sure mahogany is free. A lot of people think she is going to be some kind of Parvati goddess, but I think out of all the women, she is the most distracted. This could easily change once Cody is inevitably out of the picture.

2 Josh - He is an IDIOT and terrible game player. I did not respect the way he treated Megan, even if she did something that made him disrespect her. You don't talk to women like that, call them out in front of the whole house, and then cry and apologize to her privately once the damage is done. He is cocky, paranoid, and annoying on the feeds.

1 . Cody - "I don't like you Megan" - I was going to rank him above Josh, but at least Josh brings excitement to the show. Cody is the worst villain ever and is just insufferable. Being a dick isn't a great strategy unless you have the means to back it up with game play, and even then, Dick knew how to socialize and bond with others.

[49 pts] -- Megan
[42 pts] -- Alex
[39 pts] -- Kevin
[34 pts] -- Matt
[33 pts] -- Christmas
[30 pts] -- Dominique
[30 pts] -- Mark
[27 pts] -- Paul
[23 pts] -- Elena
[21 pts] -- Ramses

[18 pts] -- Raven
[16 pts] -- Jessica
[11 pts] -- Jillian
[10 pts] -- Jason
[09 pts] -- Josh
[05 pts] -- Cody

[27 pts] -- Cameron | 17th


Sent by RavenWalton,Jun 30, 2017
Fuck you for putting Cody so low. Cody is magnificent and a perfect villain since you hate his guts so fuckin' much faggot.
Sent by AdamLovesEverything,Jun 30, 2017
AdamLovesEverything ..........k. Sounds like you're a snowflake just like Cody.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jul 1, 2017

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