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BB19 Blue Rankings, Episode 1

Jun 29, 2017 by BlueBarracuda
So here we go again, another season, another round of me pointless blogs ranking the castaways based on my opinions. That way, I can look back and see how I evolved. Last year, I was pretty consistent with who I liked/disliked for the most part, aside from maybe Paulie turning into a massive douche and me going from Paul being my pre-show fave to the bottom of my ranking, towards back up towards the top... since Paul joined late and since I already know him from last season, he'll start the rankings from this episode.

17 pts. - Megan - I will continue to root for Megan. Already, I think she's playing a great game and it doesn't look like she is over playing yet. I can definitely get down with her alliance with Alex and Ramses, and I GUESS I'll tolerate Jillian being there if it helps Megan out.

16 pts . - Alex - She is getting a lot of hate for some reason. I didn't mind the excessive video game references, especially when half the other people have been shoe-horned into characters or gimmicks already (Kevin's mob music, Christmas jingles, the Cowboy, etc.). She is a great personality and is already getting an alliance together.

15 pts. - Kevin - Taking the money was arguably a stupid move and forced Paul on us, but I think Kevin was the best positioned person to take it. I don't think he'll win, so 25K is easy money and common sense. If he gets more, even better. With Paul coming/Cameron leaving, him taking it has kind of been forgotten (we'll see though). He is hilarious though.

14 pts - Christmas - She must be playing a great social game already if she would rather rely on a house vote rather than compete for her safety. She is borderline arrogant, so if she keeps it in check, I'll continue to like her.

13 pts - Paul - I was vocally against this twist and hate that he is in the house. I think it's stupid and took an otherwise solid cast and makes this season have a questionable start. But last night, Paul delivered in the confessionals, was hilarious without being overly obnoxious like he usually is, and didn't force his catch phrases down our throats. If we're going to have Paul this season, this is the Paul I want to see.

12 pts - Cameron - Cameron was one of my pre-show favorites, so I am crushed to see him taken out like this. His social game was surprisingly weak though and he didn't do himself much favors, so at least he had more of a chance than Jodi got. He was a bit of a nervous mess though, so had he relaxed more, I think he would've done alright.

11 pts. - Matt - Matt didn't really do much last night, except kind of sit there and look handsome for the ladies. But that effortlessness will serve him well in this game, especially as he actively plays more. He has a solid personality and seems like he'll be fun, plus he did decent in the challenge.

10 pts. - Dominique - Minus her religious shtick, I love Dominique. I think the best moment for the audience was when she was being loud as fuck in the friendship meeting with Paul and he had to shoe her in. Perhaps that'll be forshadowing, but hopefully she'll quickly learn from mistakes and use her social game to go far.

09 pts. Ramses - I am hesistant to rank him this high since he still kind of annoys me, but he has great taste in allies (Alex, Megan) and seems to be off to an alright start. I think he is most likely to overplay and get caught up in lies, so I hope a trainwreck ensues.

08 pts. - Mark - I like Mark and he has tons of potential, but this episode was all about his flexing and his muscles, which doesn't shock me. But as he's revealed, there's a lot more too him than that, so I hope we can see more of that going forward.

07 pts. - Elena - There is something about her so familiar. My mind wants to say Courtney Cox, but that's not it. Or some blonde middle aged actress (maybe the waitress on True Blood?). She was very present in this episode without being present. When she was, she was alright, but she could easily become annoying.

06 pts - Jessica - She didn't do much this episode but look hot and try to be the next Parvati. Many have tried, most have failed. She has a lot of potential, but she didn't really do much in this episode for me to judge fully. Looks like she and Elena are going to pair up and I wouldn't be shocked if she went after one of the guys for a meat shield.

05 pts. Raven - She wasn't too bad in the episode. A tad over the top and annoying, but she got a few laughs out of me in her eagerness. I hope a calmer Raven takes over once she settles in, if she does, she could easily go up.

04 pt. - Jason - He wasn't as bad as I expected him to be but like Josh, I just enjoy mostly everyone else better than him. If he starts acting like a human and not just a cowboy, I'll warm up to him. Not sure if targetting the physical threat over the guy with the social game was a good move or not, but at least he is thinking strategically, even if it means putting himself in the minority.

03 pt. Cody - I still hate him and he is my least favorite. But he gets a few extra points this time for being the closest thing to a villain we have for now, especially clashing with Paul. His deadpan confessionals are actually hilarious and his don't give a fuck attitude mixes delightfully with everyone elses excitement.

02 pt. - Josh - I don't feel like he should be low as he is, but I like basically everyone else more than him and he just seems so dumb. He'll hopefully provide some unintentional humor as long as he stays, but I don't think he'll make the jury stage.

01 pt. - Jillian - I will irrationally hate her for a while until the feeds make or break my decision, but she added nothing to the cast and out of the 3 should've went home for my entertainment. She is alligning with Megan, so she might go up in the future, but for now, she'll need to work hard to impress me.

[33 pts] -- Megan
[29 pts] -- Alex
[28 pts] -- Christmas
[25 pts] -- Kevin
[22 pts] -- Matt
[20 pts] - Mark
[19 pts] -- Dominique
[15 pts] - Ramses
[15 pts] -- Elena
[13 pts] -- Paul
[13 pts] -- Jessica
[09 pts] -- Raven
[07 pts] -- Josh
[06 pts] -- Jason
[04 pts] -- Jillian
[04 pts] -- Cody

[27 pts] -- Cameron | 17th

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