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so i tried designing ~

Sep 17, 2018 by BluJay112
imageI wanted to get into designing, because I feel no one on this site designer-wise really shares my style and interests (grunge/alternative/rock).

I wanted to start with something rather simple, so I just shuffled through my music and came across ZOLITA’s witchcraft-inspired looks again, and I decided it would be fun to rough sketch.... and (sadly) here it is —

It’s really not cleaned up yet, since i only spent a few minutes sketching it, but i have a list of things I’m planning to improve, including:
-cleaning edges
-adding shadow
-making it more symmetrical
-actually look decent



yes i know it’s bad.


Sent by Chic,Sep 17, 2018
BluJay112 this music video is gorgeous, you just need to get some help with shading. This is not bad for an outline
Sent by Anas,Sep 17, 2018

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