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Donny's Hunger Day 2

Mar 16, 2017 by BigBrotherDonny
30 Players.

There will be 11 spots in the corn, so there will always be atleast one person sitting in the corn at a time that you can not attack!!
You will fight other people in practice links. How do i pick the comp? I to see what comp that you will play.
You can only attack people in the corn, not people in the bushes.
If you attack someone u get a 1 exp advantage.
I will send you and your opponent a practice link, and you will tell me your final score

Every fight you will earn 2 exp if u win, you cant gain 4 exp from the same person, but u can basically give eachother 2 exp by saving 0 or something, so u wouldn't have to circle!!
Lineballs: Gives 1k every exp
M3: 1k every exp
Guitar: 100 per exp
DOND: + 2k per exp
WOF: +500 per exp
Endurance: +100 per exp
Numbers: +25 per exp
Starflakes: +25 per exp
Words: +50 per exp
Maze: +75 per exp
Occasionally weapons will appear in the corn and you can get them if there is an open spot in the corn, or you are in the corn already.
KNIFE: 1 EXP (1 min)
AXE: 2 EXP (2 mins)
MACE: 3 EXP (3 mins)
SWORD: 5 EXP (5 mins)
People can attack you while you are getting a weapon, right next to the weapons are the times it takes for you to succesfully get the wep.

Here is a twist, you get to choose if your arrows are anonymous or not! But there is a consequence.
Every anonymous arrow: -0.2
Non- anonymous: Nothing, but your enemy may be bitter.
You mail me if it is anonymous or not.
How do i decide how much damage ur arrow does? I 0,1,2,3, and 10 and randomly picks one.
How do you get more arrows? Every 10 minutes an arrow will pop up in the corn and everyone who has either saved (and their opponent hasnt) in a fight, or just sitting without a fight, gets one. OR, every few minutes i might casually post a blog called POP UPS, and I will say first to comment gets them. Every popup: +3 rows
Your arrow amount is kept private.

HEALTH: Every 30 minutes of sitting in the corn you will receive 3 health! The corn never runs out of corn until single digits.
If u win a fight: +30
Lose: -30
Run: -10
If other runs: +10
You all start with 70 health
Your health amount is kept private.
Out of corn you lose .5 health every 30 minutes

You can choose a bush number 1-6.
If you choose a wrong bush: -5
Get it right?: +10
Only 6 bushes. 2 are right 4 are wrong.
You will mail me with ur bush number, and I will either tell you: +10 or -5. It is the same for every person, but changes each hour.

1 xxxaria123xxx
2 fishingguy22
3 Angie_
4 Obzezzion
5 Sadiequeen3
6 Crayadian
7 Mathboy9
8 Astronaut
9 j0hnnyb0i
10 bomberv
11 Nattie
12 Seaking
13 MelindaMrskk
14 MoneyNeil
15 Milotic
16 Babeeeidah
17 ashSzoke
18 MoreTimer
19 2388
20 deathwish
21 drg2
22 analiese
23 Pokepat
24 scooby0000
25 _Adidas_
26 _Ravenclaw_
27 Arris
28 Sochi
29 JackJack55
30 Kayleighwinz

1] #Crayadian {FOOD}
2] #deathwish {FOOD}
3] #Astronaut {FIGHT}
4] #J0hnnyb0i {FIGHT}
5] #Scooby0000 {FIGHT}
6] #MelindaMrskk {FIGHT}
7] #DrG2 {FIGHT}
8] #Obzezzion {FIGHT} {SAVED}
10] #Angie_ {FIGHT} {SAVED}
11] #Sadiequeen3 {FIGHT}

Sadiequeen3 attacks Angie_.
J0hnnyB0i attacks Scooby0000.
Drg2 attacks Melindamrskk.
_Ravenclaw_ attacks Crayadian.
Angie_ attacks Astronaut.
Sadiequeen3 attacks Obzezzion, kicking BomberV out of corn.
Crayadian shoots 23 arrows at Seaking. -66. BOOM!!
Anon shoots 3 arrows at Crayadian. -4.
Crayadian shoots 15 arrows at AshSZoke. -72. BOOM!!
PokePat shoots 10 arrows at Crayadian. -29.
Sadiequeen3 shoots 21 arrows at Crayadian. -60.
Crayadian shoots 6 arrows at Sadiequeen3. -4

EDIT: Say "sit in corn", and "attack _______", and also "grab (weapon) for cmds.

30th: Seaking (Shot dead by Crayadian)
29th: AshSZoke (Shot dead by Crayadian)


grab knife
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 16, 2017
i have a weapon do i not /
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 16, 2017
Is there anything left
Sent by xxxaria123xxx,Mar 17, 2017
grab sword
Sent by ashszoke,Mar 17, 2017
Grab sword
Sent by Babeeeidah,Mar 17, 2017
grabs mace >
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 17, 2017
kills self
Sent by Pokepat,Mar 17, 2017
lmao not an action soz Pokepat
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Mar 17, 2017
Sent by Pokepat,Mar 17, 2017
sits in corn
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 17, 2017
Sits in corn
Sent by xxxaria123xxx,Mar 17, 2017
Grabs axe
Sent by xxxaria123xxx,Mar 17, 2017
Grabs knife
Sent by scooby0000,Mar 17, 2017
---END OF DAY 2---
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Mar 17, 2017

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