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  1. any ideas
  2. i'm high
  3. Fun stars
  4. If someone can give me the tea
  5. Cersei wins the Iron Throne
  6. If someone loyal knows a way
  7. Not suprised
  8. Stars tommrow?
  9. Show me your feet
  10. Ate to much edible
  11. Miss Helen Shimmers
  12. Hey
  13. When I am in Boston
  14. Before I join frooks
  15. I look like thing 1
  16. who has a mtv stream!
  17. Frooks king is back
  18. Bring the prejury Villian every frooks is hard :(
  19. Anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area tehe
  20. Nipsy will rot with XxTentacles ❤️
  21. -Gift Giveaway-
  22. My cooking skills can’t be matched
  23. bitches be caring about there streaks in vivor
  24. anyone else get sad
  25. may have gotten 16th in stars
  26. No title
  27. no child support now
  28. Just got home from work and dinner
  29. Wish someone who
  30. BrittBritt
  31. wow
  32. got a hard one
  33. anyone else
  34. anyone else
  35. Imagine being 30
  36. Michigan State 65- Michigan 60
  37. The Hispanics cheaters on tengaged is making
  38. why be depressed and lay in bed all day
  39. do i deserve a spicy chicken sandwich
  40. apparently you cant come back to tengaged

what weird thing you did as a kid

Sep 24, 2018 by Batya
that you do as an adult?
I used to snort crackers for the lols and now I snort coke


drink water and drink dihydrogen oxide
Sent by JonMcGillis,Sep 24, 2018
I used to snort smarties lmfao
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 24, 2018
Manniboi omg I would be afraid of it getting stuck in the cavity between my mouth and nose
Sent by Philip13,Sep 24, 2018

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