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  1. I am high
  2. what weird thing you did as a kid
  3. I tried herion
  4. Have ou ever slept with someone
  5. my ex stole my dog
  6. how do you make a survivor logo
  7. fans
  8. who wanna joins
  9. I get paid Friday
  10. By far the best bbuk momment
  11. the dumbest thing i did
  12. I am high
  13. all these tgers leaving
  14. does college make you suicidal
  15. should of joined this stars
  16. Do you ever take a big shit
  17. so jelaous
  18. I am in college
  19. The Nun sucked
  20. just stole 20
  21. the classic
  22. he knew i was getting 16th
  23. I will sleep with anyone
  24. thanks
  25. any of my friends
  26. Derrick needs to get off my screen
  27. the classic
  28. Queen
  29. Brothers by fate
  30. I cry everytime
  31. Holli really was Rocky
  32. I belive the death penalty
  33. whats the dumbest thing you thought as a kid?
  34. Pretty funny
  35. I wish I took a major
  36. I haven't figured out
  37. Why can't I find finsta
  38. my brothers gf fought me today
  39. When my Visa is about to expire
  40. has anyone been to a tattoo party

happy womans day

Mar 8, 2018 by Batya


the scalene jokes arent funny batya delete THIS
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 8, 2018
thank u...
Sent by Ribbons,Mar 8, 2018

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