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Final Reckoning Rankings: Episode 10

Sep 13, 2018 by AshlynArehart
Will not include eliminated.

- Jozea and Da'Vonne are everything.
- Again...I am sick of the Kyle and Cara drama.
- Ashley is sloppy, but Hunter is scary/
- The preview for the season is amazing. I can't wait for Natalie to pop off lol.

1. Da'Vonne (+0)
2. Jozea (+0)
3. Natalie (+1)
4. Marie (-1)
5. Sylvia (+2)
6. Paulie (+8)
7. Cara Maria (+6)
8. Kayliegh (-2)
9. Kam (-4)
10. Joss (+5)
11. Hunter (+1)
12. Nelson (+5)
13. Bananas (+6)
14. Zach (+4)
15. Kyle (+5)
16. Amanda (+6)
17. Tony (+7)
18. Brad (+5)
19. Ashley (+6)
20. Shane (+6)

Biggest Rise: Paulie (+8)
Biggest Drop: Kam (-4)

Final thoughts on booted:

Angela: I actually didn't hate her this season. As someone who use to watch BGC, I thought she was going to be full on ratchet and wanting to fight. She didn't disappoint.

Faith: I stanned her in Ex on the Beach and to this day I will like her. She gave funny confessionals and I think she shows a lot of potential in the near future.

CT: I like CT, but Veronica did screw him over. He's someone that always goes for the win. Just this season wasn't his. A shame indeed. :/ But congrats on getting married!

Veronica: I do love her and anybody that knows me knows that I was excited for her Challenge return. But in recent seasons she has been a let down. She's mostly there to be there. Hopefully if she returns she will have a better fighting spirit!

Tori: Now I really like her and I think she is one of the more funny new generation players. Though like CT....she had a crappy partner. I got annoyed with her last week when she went at it with Da'Vonne and Jozea, but all in all she is one of my favorites!

Derrick: First Tori, then Angela, and now Da'Vonne? LMAO Boy really thought it would work! I am so glad she laughed right in his face. He's such a flop to me. Will not miss him!



Amanda too high
Sent by ivan1234,Sep 14, 2018

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