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Survivor Winner contenders (MO)

Dec 7, 2017 by Ari_
1.Chrissy, even if her edit is not perfect and a lot of jurors don't like her much I feel like her chances are pretty strong. She is someone memorable and someone lot of public may root for.
2.Mike, he does not have much screen time, but he is likeable and he have a positive edit a lot of ppl may root for him from the jurors. Utr underdog public like such ppl.
3.Ben, well this episode was pretty bad for him, he is not likeable for the public and he is not even for the contestents anymore, also too much of screen time.
4.Devon, well his edit is good, but it's lacking of personal stuff. We know nothing about him, like how many of the public root for him, i don't think much. We know little about him and he is not that memorable. He did not even read his letter, if he was winner and he is not winning the challenge with the loved ones, he would read the letter and get a good screen time with personal stuff, idk why ppl still have him as s top contender.
5.Ryan - He is not winning.
6.Ashley - She will never win, her edit is awful and she have been seen tons of time being wrong. Not reading her letter and etc.

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