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All Your Fault P1 by Bebe ANAL-ysis

Mar 31, 2018 by Analiese
“All Your Fault Pt 1” by Bebe Rexha ANAL-ysis

1) Gateway Drug - CUZ KISSING LEADS TO TOUCHIN LEADS TO LOVIN LEADS TO FUCKIN?  INGENIOUS!  This is on my playlist now, and was the only song on this EP to do so.  Miss Bebe stepped her pussy UP. 

2) Bad Bitch - this song was ALMOST there.  I’d go off if this played in a club, but Ty’s verse was weak.  Not even joking, if KeyMarie had a verse in this, the song would’ve been DOPE.  Just imagine a verse from her Bad Bitch in here.

3) Small Doses - this song was nice.  Not incredibly memorable, but I really liked the words and I thought it was good to listen to.  It was one I didn’t want to skip.

4) FFF - honestly lowkey bumped but I think everyone knows it’s not a good song.  The words lowkey suck but I love the concept and the chorus can be chanted.

5) I got you - this song wins “most forgettable”.  Literally nothing about this song is special, even the chorus is bland.  The video is just bebe serving looks which is lit but the song peaked so early on.

6) Atmosphere - this song being the lead made me question my decision to listen to the whole EP.  This had the makings to be a beautiful ballad but it had zero emotion and a terrible club beat behind it.  It makes me sad because it had a lit ass title too.

Overall, this album literally got better as it went on.  I’m for real, she put all her good songs so late in the EP and if the first couple had been dropped this would’ve gone much better for me.  This EP relied ENTIRELY on whether or not the chorus was catchy tho.  There was no instrumental / vocal build in any of her songs, minimal riffs and almost no harmonies, and Bebe’s voice didn’t quite do enough to carry the early songs (the late songs were so good, and partially because they DID build (especially gateway drug)).  Overall this wasn’t a bad start for her, but wasn’t a breakthrough by any means.

Rank: C+/B-


Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
also atmosphere isnt the lead r u dumb ?
Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
Interesting! This is completely different to how I would rank...

Fuck Fake Friends > Atmosphere > I Got You > Small Doses > Bad Bitch > Gateway Drug
Sent by SexGoddx,Mar 31, 2018
2388 Atmosphere is the first song on the EP dumb fuck.  And Rory17 is her biggest fan, don’t play.
Sent by Analiese,Mar 31, 2018
2388 Petty people can't be her biggest fan! And it is her starting song, now go back to "the people who love you".
Sent by rory17,Mar 31, 2018
sexgoddx that’s so interesting!  I just found myself bored of your top songs for some reason, I love hearing when other people hear things differently than I do.
Sent by Analiese,Mar 31, 2018
analiese stfu u ugly tranny I Got You is the lead single
atmosphere is the first song, not lead song! Learn the difference twat
Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
cant wait to multi u out rory17
Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
2388 You're so obsessed! xo
Sent by rory17,Mar 31, 2018
you talked to me first Rory17
Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
2388 After you came for my friend. Poor you. Looking dumb.
Sent by rory17,Mar 31, 2018
Rory17 dont call me obsessed after u talk to me first, reason doesnt matter
now go die of diabetes fatty
Sent by 2388,Mar 31, 2018
2388 It does and gladly if that means I won't have to deal with you lol
Sent by rory17,Mar 31, 2018

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