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Ok but Jun 20, 2020
When are we gonna get LASHES for our tengaged Avis?

I want my Lilly lashes in mykonos on my pixels and I want it NOW
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Am I the worst frooks player of all time? Jun 18, 2020
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Lmao if my ex had a tengaged May 26, 2020
He would have +1/-1

Get it lol
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Wait I’m confused May 16, 2020
Did he eat the dog or not???
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The way that some of y'all May 5, 2020
are so desperate for a top blog over this

loose morals are paramount to tengaged itself so idk why some of y'all are suddenly changing your stances on what is and isn't acceptable
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the negs won’t make tengaged forget an innocent dog was beat to death! May 5, 2020
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