Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndNov 23, 2019 by Absol
change ur password to something that cant be found in an email/website password database  because you use the same password/email combo for 20 things and then act shocked when people find ur 1 (one) password that you have ever used

im not saying the hackers are in the right but i am saying you are a fool if you do not take account security seriously after all of these hackings happened and still want to vilify the hackers over an easily preventable problem that is really your fault in the end

honestly gagaluv was kind of woke on this and tried to warn y'all about this happening she's the soothesayer of


I was not hacked.
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I was not hacked.
Sent by iSandeh,Nov 23, 2019
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Why did I click this PSA so quickly 🤔
Sent by Octopusbubbles,Nov 24, 2019

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