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7thJun 7, 2016 by Absol
imageHey gals! Some of you may know this, and were expecting this blog, but some of you are simply uninformed about that queen goddess mastropola's birthday! He made me a checklist of all his favorite people and a checklist of all his favorite party activities (pin the crown on the kelly, name that avril song, ripull minigames on roblox) and he even told me what food to bring for our potluck! (grains/dairy/sweets, other food groups will NOT be allowed into this party!)

But who is Anthonymdia, really?
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TayBear17 - Anthony, I love that you're straight foward and blunt and not afraid to speak your mind,  kinda like me, but this is about you right now lmaoooo, but yeah, I'd consider you a good friend of mine even if we don't talk that much, and you're funny asf

hugatree343 - I hope you have an amazing day Mastro! You have always been super nice to me and wish you all the best, love Huga Jtia PawchyMawchy Tree < 3

bigdizzleyomama - Mastroebola you may be a bitch you may be ugly but you are still one of my favorite widows honestly from your insulin pump to your screaming about bread I would miss you if I never got to know you

prematureaginganne13 - aunt mast, you are the biggest and bestest genderqueer, asex, vegan, wheat-loving mother i know. hav a great birthday ^_^ < 3

tyboy618 - Mastropola Sydney Cera Aloportsam, my Gemini lover, happy birthday! You're always a fun and smart person to be around and I'm fascinated with just about everything you do. Keep being you, you sick son of a bitch, because we need to fail in road TOGETHER. Love you < 3

Halloween - Happy birthday Sydney. You atr psychotic but ur still my friend but yw for the hunger win and yw for Roblox placements and 2 min?

HowLovely - MASTRO ITS UR BIRTHDAY!!! Ur so psycho and crazy but ily for that. I hope you enjoy your bread rolls, and remember to take your insulin girl!

Eoin - Happy birthday Mastro! Your birthday is so special that it should be a national holiday called "World's Most Amazing Grandma Day," so everyone — not just our family — can celebrate how amazing you are! However just remember some people have a special light in them that illuminates this world. When in doubt or despair, read this message and know that I think you're one of the special few who shines bright. Happy birthday!

lassidoggy - Happy Birthday you anorexic ho. < 3

TheSexiestDude990 - Happy birthday Mastro!!!!!!!
Hope your birthday is as a great as whenever the Kellys grace your screen

iSandeh - happy birgday

Boots22 - Gonna keep it short and sweet, we don't talk much anymore Mastro, but wish you to have the best birthday ever.  Happy Birthday!

AlexaVonTrayne - happy birthday mastro! im happy we finally figured out if we were friends or not because youre one of the few widows that i think are actually in fact not insane and youre overall really fun to talk to!

Mitchkid64 - the best Skype host in history and the baddest bitch on tengaged happy bday mastro

Masonx - Mastro happy birthday hun. We haven’t known each other for a long time but for the short time we have kinda clicked. I’m so happy I got to meet you, because you’re one of a kind and fun to be around. Ty for being my friend. Happy birthday < 3 mason

snowflake3 - I don't think I truly ever breathed a complete amount of air until the legend Sydney Cera was conceived and birthed before my very eyes. The talent and determination you have to set this world equal by exploiting straight, white males and exposing them for all their flaws in a quick 15 min or less jack off vid is what keeps my old, fragile heart pumping. Fighting your way through skype games and frooks, being on the bottom and building your way on top with one click of your mouse pad and 1000 typed words a minute is nothing less than legendary. You are a revelation, all at the ripe age of 16, and I'm so honored and glad I get to be a part of this iconic celebration. Most kids kill themselves in car accidents attempting to get their driving permits at this age, while you're the one driving the bus, crushing their dreams and their tiny bodies. This is your moment. Fly high, mama mastro. Keep your lip stain sharp, your adam's apple hidden, and expose these men for who they are; because they deserve it, and you deserve it. Happy Birthday Queen and Kelley. < 3

And we're back! Mastro, you know I'm probably the only bitch who can stand you for more than two hours lmao. But we've always kinda clicked ever since we met and we were both like autistic 13 year olds and now we're so old and mature! Wow I'm gonna go off to college and you're gonna hunt me down and move yourself into my dorm... idk but i hope this summer is awesome for you and I hope you love being 16 because I sure fucking don't!!! But all of that shit aside you're like one of the people I most enjoy talking to because you've got such an aggressive personality like me and nobody has those anymore :(. I look forward to slaying the house down boots in road games and tricking people on omegle before I have to write a mildly sentimental blog about how much you annoy me but I still love you again next year.

smh i put way too much effort into this


hapy bday cunt
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Happy birthday < 33 !!
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U didn't put my message rofl
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Awww congrats :)
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