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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Who got Nick33 evicted.

Jul 28, 2012 by 2cool4school

Lets see who Tengaged thinks did the dirty.
Was it;
Blogs - when asked if he nominated Nick33 he said "Two people had to go up."
FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT - when Nick33 went up he said "SHOCKING NOMS :O".
2cool4school - My HoH time was spent supporting Nick33 through thick and thin.
sprtsgy1989 - Openly confessed to campaigning against Nick while on the block.
Zurks - Supporters say she could "Never ruin a charity." Is this true?
bradd156 - Got evicted in stars, was this his vengeance?
Quackerz - Lost his unnommed streak & biggest ally, was this his vengeance?
Carlab1 - When Nick left, she asked to be nominated and evicted. Was her job here done?
Yoshitomi - Has POV this time round, will she be saving Carla, her partner in crime?

Vote now.


i didnt campagin :L
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Jul 28, 2012
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 28, 2012
I think it was sprtsgy in the ballroom with the dagger.
Sent by FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT,Jul 28, 2012
Sent by MichelleObama,Jul 28, 2012
ROFL!It wasn't me, I was nursing Miss Kitty all day.
Sent by Zurks,Jul 28, 2012
my sources are confirming sprtsgy for this horrendous genocide of 6000+ little t's
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 28, 2012
LOL WOW! I have better things to do in life than spoil a charity.
Unlike you lot.
Oooohhhhh Yoshi burn. :P
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jul 28, 2012
2cool4school u no why i wanted up bitch lol
michelleobama :( hates u now.
Sent by carlab1,Jul 28, 2012
LOL this blogs funny tho
Sent by carlab1,Jul 28, 2012
Sent by yoshi9999,Jul 28, 2012

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