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No words do justice to how much I'm smiling right now

Apr 24, 2012 by 2cool4school
And to how much justice has just been served to Barcelona.

AGG Barcelona 2 - 3 ChelseaFC



i actually jumped up and down i think my granny nearly had a heart attack when torres scored lmfao
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 24, 2012
connorthomson the bar I went to exploded with "lets go fucking mental" for over 5 minutes :')
Sent by 2cool4school,Apr 24, 2012
LOL :'] the final will be a struggle though with the players who are out :/ our best players really ramires ivanavic terry and i was so gutted for meireles when he got booked and he was like please please please to the ref =[
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 24, 2012
dumb bitches xx

2cool4school connorthomson
Sent by oleary91,Apr 24, 2012
thats meireles' 15th yellow of the season the twat :/
Sent by 2cool4school,Apr 24, 2012
I just asked connorthomson so I'd look smart next time we talked, and he told me it was 2-2!!!!!!111
Sent by Zurks,Apr 24, 2012

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