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Who Really Feb 22, 2018
cares if RoseMulet is trans or not.. She’s a lunatic regardless. She’s always been a troll..and you’re just proving how good of a troll she really is. Personally, I’m a fan.
Points: 11 2 comments
Here Comes Feb 22, 2018
all the social justice warriors aka all of Memphis_Grizzlies. I’m so glad we have you just wandering the blogs page ready to give your opinion on all that’s right and wrong. Thank you so much for your service.
Points: 0 9 comments
See Feb 22, 2018
kids this is what happens when you can’t come to terms with your sexuality. 2388 You lose your shit if anyone even mentions the word gay.
There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Embrace your gayness queen. Slay us all.
Points: 25 2 comments
I’ve Been Filtered Feb 21, 2018
by so many people I’ve lost track. Smh.
Points: 0 0 comments
Memphis Feb 21, 2018
will you shut the fuck up? No one cares about you watching Fox News and no one cares to read your commentary about it every fucking min.
Points: 0 1 comments
You Could Feb 21, 2018
literally call RightToCensor the smallest insult and he’ll go on a rampage making blog after blog after blog. It’s quite funny and concerning all at the same time. What makes it even more funny is the fact that he thinks he’s some sort of “icon”on this shit hole when in reality he’s just some fat kid loser. I feel very bad for him. Anyone else?
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