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  1. I'm 16, tito.
  3. Fiona you're literally so fake.
  4. Heard u bitches was lookin for ME
  5. This isn't your moment.
  6. +1 frooks
  7. All star frookies.
  8. This is my moment.
  9. Hey
  10. Hey
  11. Kayleigh.
  12. i see this site hasn't changed.
  13. Kayleigh is slaying
  14. HELP!!!
  15. you are a terrible person, Eric.
  16. even if It means that I'll never
  17. If I ever personally attacked u
  18. Happy Bday queen <3
  19. Happy Bday queen <3
  20. the night is still young
  22. PYN for ur honest opinion about me
  24. IM RANKED <333#
  25. What do we think of new Nicki song?
  28. Happy Birthday <3
  29. Happy Birthday Kayleigh <3 ❤️
  30. <3
  31. Bitches can never respect my game.
  32. TY FOR THE GIFT <3
  33. Yall I just watched Us
  34. I won that game.
  35. Bitches wanna
  36. Do we have an issue, Kam?
  37. PYN for an honest opinion lets go
  38. You know in lion king
  39. say K xD
  40. All those evil things u say...

Arent u mexican LOL?

Jun 17, 2019 by 2388
Ashleybabyx3 imagine being a minority yet having the mentality u have sis... not a good look bitches want u OVER THE WALLLLL


Well this is sort of discrimination.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 17, 2019
no its not dumbass read it properly
Sent by 2388,Jun 17, 2019
OVER THE WALLLL “nuff said dumbass”
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 17, 2019
So you’re basically say all Mexicans have to have the narrow mindset of the victomhood complex?
Go back to sucking Coreyants dick
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jun 17, 2019
i dont want mexican ppl over the wall im liberal
im sayng republicans want him over the wall yet he supports them bitch u need to learn to read
Sent by 2388,Jun 17, 2019
Hannah_parks thats exactly what im saying :D
someone understands at least
Sent by 2388,Jun 17, 2019
You’re a hypocrite, in which the context you’re using it under is still being discriminatory. Even if YOU don’t want it, you’re implying others do and that’s what you’re getting off of and using against her. Grow tf up.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 17, 2019
oh ur dumb
Sent by 2388,Jun 17, 2019
No you have no comeback lol short response cause I’m right lmao
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 17, 2019
no im not arguing w u i said what i said
Sent by 2388,Jun 17, 2019
you dumb dumb ^
Sent by Missandei,Jun 17, 2019
@ matthew not 2388 :*
Sent by Missandei,Jun 17, 2019
He’s Cuban!
Sent by IceBeast,Jun 17, 2019
Bitch how am I dumb when he didn’t even get his race correct Missandei
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 17, 2019
I’m not Mexican lol
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Jun 17, 2019

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