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  2. Unfilter me
  3. Leaving fake friends in 2017
  4. I will forever know u as the guy
  5. 10000000000%
  6. I am and will always be a city boy
  7. ASK ME.
  8. You copied my avatar!
  9. Yay trending!
  10. Even when you're yelling at me
  11. You're all I
  12. Are you assuming im human??
  13. + for Dua Lipa
  14. Basic
  15. Rita Ora
  16. Camila Cabello
  17. What's worse than an awkward situation????
  19. PYN and I'll guess if u have
  20. whats more fun than spending ur money?
  21. Me > Everyone
  22. Just like, nicotine
  23. Has CAMILA
  24. OMG NO
  25. Why wasn't Crying in the club on CAMILA
  26. Watch Black Mirror s4 and s3!!
  27. what's the video that everyones talking abt
  28. y am i so clingy
  29. If anyone ever said the n word to me
  30. Can we stop giving
  31. Found a pic of Katherinepierce
  32. ASK ME.
  33. PYN and give me ts little bitch.
  34. New phone yay!
  35. I GOT IT
  36. Can we be friends again
  37. Pic of EliotWhi?
  38. The stuff im spamming in for yall
  39. Time's up
  40. Yes, I do take tengaged seriously

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Robbed of a top blogvote Jan 18, 2018
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Unfilter me vote Jan 18, 2018
Katherinepierce I wanna send u over some seeds for u dinner but need ur details
today it's melon seeds w crushed ice dip! mmmmmm
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Leaving fake friends in 2017vote Jan 18, 2018
might go ahead and contact Charlie Brooker and suggest a Black Mirror episode about my fake friends being trapped in an alternate world called 2017 where they can't come back to my present
Points: -22 1 comments
I will forever know u as the guyvote Jan 18, 2018
who introduced me to a BOP called Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner
Points: 26 1 comments
10000000000%vote Jan 18, 2018
spamming tomorrow, no more excuses I want this shopp
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I am and will always be a city boy vote Jan 18, 2018
Love me some London and NY
I love the lifestyle, and being able to wake up everyday and go "ahhh, more shopping"
I love it
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