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  1. Keep going !!!!!!
  2. PYN for a tbh
  3. I'm 100% over humankind
  4. Its been SUCH a long day...
  5. feeling fresh feeling fierce
  6. shop 2 grace opens soon
  7. Ok I got like 30 mails
  8. who is talking about
  9. join frooks whats wrong w yall
  11. No title
  12. And if ur TORN
  13. u havent been performing too well
  14. it was me...
  15. I scammed you :)
  16. I've never been more excited for a Challenge
  17. I took names of all of u that voted me out in..
  18. Top 4 fav artists, no particular order.
  19. Holding hands w my besties
  20. No title
  21. this BBCAN season has me bored. its very
  22. Who is current BBCAN HoH??
  23. hes a scammer
  24. I can't wait for Earth omg
  25. I miss when we were best friends
  26. so i got banned when i said f word
  27. U were the man in college
  28. The Challenge, live footage of Georgia
  29. I hope either Cory or Anthony
  30. AWH <333
  31. A KING. <3
  33. Being an insta influencer
  34. who do u think u are????
  35. he wants to be billie eilish so bad...
  36. Anyways,
  37. leaving tg forever bye
  38. join frooks guys pls
  39. All of these girls, got 'em standing in a line
  40. do we still got beef

Cant stand that kyra girl

Mar 21, 2019 by 2388
in #BBCAN7
SHE stays threatened by a black queen just coz SHE knows she aint shit and SHE is emotional and SHE shoulda been sent home. PERIODT.
The only reason SHE is mad is coz the black QUEEN confronted her ass about being a weak bitch and talking mad shit for no reason.


Sent by DaddyDev,Mar 21, 2019
Sent by Jinxh,Mar 21, 2019

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