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  1. Look, I know ur a crackhead
  2. who has a vevmo account i can use
  3. white ppl can be hella racist (not all)
  4. Let's have a girls night out tonight!
  6. This time of the year is always really hard for me
  7. when white ppl say periodt i cringe
  8. I remember crying
  9. thank god i dont watch got
  10. no more game of thrones??? FOREVER?
  11. so this is how its gonna be huh
  12. imagine gifting someone then blogging
  13. Collection comes out sooon "PAYDAY"
  14. unscramble this word for a gift!
  15. Am I the only one that
  16. 💙 hey 💙
  17. who wants my password
  18. I can sing <3
  19. a king's life is upside down rn
  20. I wanna play a skype game tonight
  21. what should my next vibe be x
  22. Lexeyjane has class, sass and a rlly big
  23. My fav Miley Cyrus moment
  24. The
  25. the jacket looks black to me
  26. Happy B day king 💙
  27. No title
  28. he hates me for no reason
  29. if ur earphones have wires
  30. would notnicky have gifted dev
  31. long blog for a special king coming soon
  32. Kayleigh would have won
  33. isn't this bannable....
  34. No title
  35. Hey 💙
  36. noone ever talks to me anymore
  37. Appreciation post for the QUEEN ❤
  38. hey
  39. Black Mirror season 5 trailer, yw!
  40. are u ready for it

If I was Bananas

Dec 5, 2018 by 2388
I would have attacked Devin's dad too #TheChallenge
u think ur gonna harass me and I wont bring up ur personal traumatic shit??? Absolutely not.


Honestly devin is a pussy
Sent by astone929,Dec 5, 2018
HAHahah omg, Devin legit causes his own drama and that dumbass Amanda, they legit need to purge this whole new gen class..

Sent by D882,Dec 5, 2018

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