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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Ross

I am a member of the #Naughty7 group they are by far some of the best people I have met and some of my best friends on this site .

Ross- I know that I can completely trust you with my life and that is what makes you such a good friend :) I like how I can tell you anything and you won't judge me or tell me shit that I should be doing but you just take it :) I like how we compliment each other in this game and we are able to make friends with different people and are still able to have each others backs :) Ross I respect you as a player and a person :) I am sorry that I am not in the fastings anymore :( <3

ross-We used to vote eachother so much then boom we trusted eachother right when u came in i knew we had to be allies then boom we were without asking thanks <3 ily so much <3

ross-My best frined <3 u made me in ur mind and hypnotised me with ur powa D": ily so much and i hope we can have a 3RD FINAL 3 THE NEXT TIME WE SEE EACHOTHER :D

ross- im so mad that i was firends with alou and not you before. so many games were i didn't realize how cool you are and im glad us two made it until the end :) <3

6. Ross- I meant everything I said earlier. You put up a good fight, and really should have made it to f3 with me. I said I'd keep you in the game as long as I could, and that's what I did.

Rosslee- Finally made it to the end together rather than being up against each other in that last vote! It was nice chatting with you i'm glad we had this game together :)

My tengaged bestfriend. Thankyou for being th e truly amaziiing person you are !! You are one of my inspirations in life and I respect you for that :) You are that rare special person that you find in your life where you can talk about the crap that is going on in your life and you want judge it, you wont tell someone else about it, and you wont make me feel like shit, or put me down about it!Thankyou for being that special person on here :) I really value and appreciate our friendship on here, although it may not always seem like it :) Although its hard to say it I love you Rossy Lee Lee <33

Ross and Makayla :) I think I have written enough tributes on you :) you know you are both perff and help me so much :) ily both and don't change ♥♥♥

Ross - We were only really connected through stan, we were both friends with him, if I'm honest, if stan had stayed in, I would have been wanting you out at forth as stan and jay are my main men, but you are such a great person to align with and really clever! So well done and gl!

ROSSLEE buddy we keep on doing it! hope youre not mad that ryan isn't with us but I know youre a great player and im happy we got to play together. good game buddy

9th (Rosslee) - Ross we entered the game intending to win but sadly people noticed that we were close and TheLadiesMan turned against us. We were then split up but it was a pleasure to play with you again, it was a good game. See you soon :)

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