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pyn and ill tell you

91 RoboZoe, Sep 21, 2012

what high school clique I think you belong in / what you are like in high school
Sweetheart95 Popular!!!
TDATrentsgroup weird kid!!!
Maxi1234 popular jock kid!!! :D
Mexus bully =[
Njds freshman!!!
Spring chorus kid who loves glee and dancing!!!
vh1luvr15 cutie who is in all the honors classes and still has a lot of friends!!
Austin unfriendly intimidating person who always brings the booze to the parties :)
jenzie the girl with the hottest clothes and the hottest boyfriend definitely popular!!! most ppl hate out of jealousy
kindlycruel1 that really jocky butch kid beefy
ajg31397 wanna be but with a lot of friends too :) lol!
orlando652 unfriendly black hottie < 333
finklestein123 defo the girl with all the hot gossip! prob works for the school paper or something
paintball the token gay! everyone loves you =]
tommyboy614 bffs with everyone!!! you fall into all the cliques!
hMzz the foreign kid that everyone loves to go to parties with! ily :)
1swampy8 the artsy girl who wears her paint on all of her clothes and doesn't give a fuck!
01Gohan smart kid who everyone wants to copy off of
pizpaz really intimidating bully =[ everyone is afraid of you!
LHume the sophomore class president! GET THAT CARWASH FOR THE CLASS OF 2015!
iangavin the class clown always making everyone laugh :)
Jallina15 the quiet and cool girl who always gets invited to the parties , never does anything to embarrass herself and is never in the drama but still very popular!
Jenna2010 almost the same as Jallina15, except you are more outspoken and you defo know how to have fun!!
Pieguy555 freshman!!! but really cool :)
spookie that mysterious quiet kid who everyone always wonders about, goes to the occasional party only ones you approve of though! a little popular, but not known by the entire school!
themb305 a jv jock does irrelevant sports like swimming and tennis but none the less a jock!
zimy the hardcore artsy girl who literally only shows up to school for the art classes! friends with a select few just the way you like it!
vitamin that cute innocent underclassman who hangs out with all the seniors but doesn't do drugs or drinks at all the parties instead you laugh and have fun!
mrkkkkyle that intimidating kid who always has a girlfriend sits in the back of the class and yells at all the dumb people
#borisXborisette the black girl who always gets her way with anything! xo
#tyboy618 socially awkward weird kid who sits in the back with his head down all the time =[ probs in the closet..

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