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#16 RW/RR Challenge Top 20 Men&Women

2 Leoma_Agent0, Sep 5, 2012

#16. MJ Garrett & Diem Brown
MJ has always just been Landons side kick to me but he is a big guy who can tackle a challenge. He can easily be considered a physical threat but there are other men who i'd i much rather face MJ in an elimination than them. Wish I could say more about MJ but truth be told I'm shaking my head trying to think of anything...
I loved Diem during her premiere in #FreshMeat and thought her and Derricks little fling was very cute. Her story was also moving and gave the viewers a reason to root for her(Which I was) and it sucked seeing her get so close but fall short. That would seem to become a thing for Diem, always just almost making it to the final mission. She's a small girl but her performance in the finale on #BattleOfTheExes was amazing to watch, it showed this little chick really does have some fight in her and I can't wait to see if she can bring the heat from #BattleOfTheExes into her next challenge.
Who do you think will come in at #15???

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