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Me talking about Fifth Harmony (again)

0 arskinsky78, May 19, 2022

10 years ago Camila Cabello was waiting backstage for an audition on XFACTOR and was told she was on standby and would not receive an audition. It wasn’t until Simon came backstage (and she begged him to let her sing) that she was given the opportunity to sing for Simon, LA, Britney & Demi, and advanced to Boot Camp. This audition never aired,which  I believe is because XFUSA didn't have the rights for R-E-S-P-E-C-T (her audition song). As you probably know, she was eventually cut until put into the girl group, Fifth Harmony. They worked their butts off (from home) and it was worth it - amassing 4 VMAs, nationwide tours & an iconically tragic fandom (hi!). Then she said Miss Movin On and went on her own way …
Fast foward LESS THAN 10 years and she is going to be a judge on The Voice. I am no Camilizer and probably never will be but this is a crazy career trajectory. She went from being a 15 year old unknown HS student to a judge on The Voice in less than a decade. I owe respect where its due. Plus, Bam Bam slaps.
Normani and Lauren will always be my girls but Camila really took the industry by the horns and said Ima climb to the top. I wish all five of the girls all of the success and I cannot wait for the eventual reunion and/or documentary that addresses the messiness of Fifth Harmony.
By the way, Carly Rose has new music out and its freakin good. Stream it because Tate Stevens should have neverrrrrr won. It was her 5 million $ record deal that he stole.
Alright, I promise Ill stop talking about XFUSA2 after 7/27/22 (#10YearsOfFifthHarmony)

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