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Day 49: The Final Ceremony begins!

Topic » Day 49: The Final Ceremony..

134 days ago
Look at you being so butt-hurt, you're so cute 😂

I did say I respect your game numerous time, so I dont know where you get the idea of me trashing your game 😂
134 days ago
Also the frat thing with gio, the frat wasn’t made until like towards the end of isolation, so like we were already together at that point.
134 days ago
It wasn’t you, it was Ahmad. I should’ve clarified
134 days ago
And jsut because you respect mine doesn’t mean I respect yours anymore. You were in ahmads shadow the entire time just like gio was behind mine. So that is already debunked as filler for the jury to take up. So next please thanks
134 days ago
Playing this game for 47 days and making a spreadsheet with every single nomination and taking down notes of every interaction and twist that happens helps the rest of the jury realize that I know when you’re capping, and literally the shit about you playing a good game is all cap.

No interactions, everyone said it was beneficial to bring you to the end due to votes for the person who should actually win, so like why would they vote for you now?

Like these same people you are campaigning  for told me and others to carry you to the end to WIN THE GAME!!! And that was what i planned to do. But ya know, that didn’t end up working out. Winning 2 comps means nothing, and getting Ken out was irrelevant since everyone realized he was a threat and was like okay cool. Then we carried on because you got someone who was probably going home anyway out.

Getting me out didn’t win you the game either lol. Me losing the first part of the hoh comp lost me the game. You had no part in it.

I strategized and allowed you to maybe get a vote since Rav didn’t like me at that poin
134 days ago
I won’t stop until you and Ahmads names are dragged through the mud, until your game is actually represented.

Until the game I had to deal with has shown it’s true colors.

If you vote for them, you’re voting for a liar, a premade, and a floater.

Vote for Gio since he’s the only one left that played a good social game and didn’t have to rely on competitions to get him there.
134 days ago
Now I’m going to sleep because all of my energy has been spent making sure these bitches don’t win.

I shall support midiaw in stars as best I can, but damn does he not deserve to win this.

Play stars better luv 💖✨💅
134 days ago
Lmao see, youre the one trashing my game the entire time and play victim as if I'm disrespecting you 😂

First of all, nobody has the responsibility to praise you. I'm just answering questions and suddenly you got your little feelings hurt.

Second of all, you said "fuck you kim" and other disgusting stuffs, sorry this is the last time I'm responding to you in this forum. I'm just saving you from throwing more sinful filthy words. 😊

So congrats on 4th place once again and 47 days of playing Isolation.. Oh another achievement, being Gio's spokeperson the entire time, you seem to enjoy your new job 😁 Lastly, go to sleep now, you seem disoriented LOL.. Bye crystal ball!
134 days ago
I felt a strong urge to comeback and my intuition was correct.

I think it’s agreed one that you don’t trash the people you’re trying to get your votes. You don’t have to praise me at all, jsut don’t shit on me. Lol simple. I’m a juror try to earn my vote lol.

I did say fuck you Kim, and I do regret that. So I would like to apologize, I shouldn’t have gotten overly emotional about it. Having no one in the game and then finding out you guys were close even before the game started was a low blow.
So I am very sorry Kim, I never meant to get that way towards you and I hope you can forgive me.

But I do stand my the rest of what I’ve said. I’ve talked about your game, not you personally. Personally you’re awesome, you’re a nice person. But gameplay wise I cannot respect it.

Me, playing the victim? Chile anyways so...

Well, I’m campaigning for Gio because I don’t want to see either you or Ahmad win. So if this is my job, then I’m getting paid hella bank.

Also I’m a high school student, i don’t get disoriented when I don’t get sleep. I jsut get motivated to things.

Getting 4th with a semi respectable gameplay will always beat out winning by abusing twists and others misfortune.

Looking at you Dick Donato.

And if it seems like I’m trashing your game, that’s exactly what I’m doing 😂

I shall now say goodbye to you, my good sir.

Have fun getting 3rd!!!!!!!! ❤️
133 days 16 hours ago
Omg Crystal, I will your support in Star.
133 days 16 hours ago
It seems the only arguments people use against me are...

1. "He was a floater"

Yes I was a floater but so were all of you. Floating is literally the only way people play this game, you're just calling me that cause I did it the best out of us three as I was never truly in danger. I made social bonds with everyone and would tell them all the right things to ensure that they would not come after me. I was never anyone's target since I told them I had no other allies throughout. :)

2. "He was Crystal's sheep"

Gonna copy and paste my answer to Ravioli's question here:

I don’t think I was Crystal’s sheep at all, and I’m sure Crystal himself would confirm that. I did a lot behind his back in this game such as with my relationships with you, Brim, Jay, Yawn, Kim, and Ahmad, I was actually planting seeds of doubt to Jay about how Crystal was not trustworthy to get him to target Crystal down the road, I lied to Ahmad to get him to go after Crystal and the final 4, and I leaked his lies to you after I had evicted you at the final 5. I think that Crystal and I worked as a partnership for sure, but I was putting in a lot of leg work for him. If not for me, there is no way Ahmad works with Crystal and I at the final 6 since they hated one another at the time. I needed to be the glue to keep us in the game longer.

3. "He didn't win any comps"

And? I threw every comp to add to this perception of weakness, never show my cards to my many allies, and always be the one behind the scenes in people's ears. Comps are the least important aspect of this game the way I look at it. Please click here to see why I think so.

4. "He was perceived as weak"

Yes, and I created this perception of weakness. To me, this just shows how much harder and better I was playing this game than you two. Why would you want to be perceived as strong in the game other than to boost your ego that you're a "threat?" I actively victimized myself, made myself seem weaker on purpose, and would tell them things like "you're my only ally left, all of my other allies were taken out." I would also make self depreciating comments to make people feel protective over me and want me at the end.
133 days 15 hours ago
I am just preaching for you guys to do what's seem fair. Vote as you like. Don't follow someone else wish just because of taking this game too personal. That's all I have to say.

Crystal, you can keep trashing my game as u like, im encouraging u of doing it anyway 😘, still love u.

And Gio, im not sayin' you were a floater but your game didn't stand out, or being that amazing or mind blown. You were just playing with friends around protecting throughout thia whole game. Crystal, campaigning for you just prove it and I really hope people will do what's fair.
133 days 8 hours ago
Aw I missed the talk.

Just wanted to say that you made a move that actively lost you a jury vote to protect two alliance mates that didn’t even make it much further. Congrats.

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