Day 14: Head Chief, Safety Ceremony & Many Twists

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122 days 2 hours ago
awwww, Thanks so much
Gl noms
122 days 1 hour ago
Thank you tengaged!!!!!!! Good lick to everyone on the block
122 days 1 hour ago
wait, when was the poll? I didnt see it
122 days ago
Hey wait a minute, what chest did Tengaged open?!
121 days 23 hours ago
gl noms and damn congrats JURY YASSSSS
121 days 23 hours ago
There wasn't a chest this round, but next round will be two chests opened! Also, the no vote penalty will stack up so if Kyle stays, and others fail to vote, then it will stack up for the next Head Chief Challenge.
121 days 22 hours ago
Alrighty guys, 7 people are left to vote, so remember that the vote will end tomorrow around 10pm (approx. 17 hours) once I get off work! Then when I get home I will announce the official eliminated 3! Good luck everyone!
121 days 19 hours ago
Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well. Just a check in that I need 6 people to vote still, but no rush because you still have approximately 14 hours left!

However, I told you many twists will be coming your way today and now it is time for the next big twist of the season! Until further notice, I will be posting 2 polls during the day of Elimination. Tengaged will be voting for MVP & LVP. And here is how that will work!

MVP, or Most Valuable Player will be given a chance to claim a special power. They will be messaged privately to enter the Shack and claim a chest holding a special power!

LVP, or Least Valuable Player will be done differently though. The least valuable player will be announced after the Head Chief Challenge where that person will become a 4th nominee that week! If the person voted by Tengaged as LVP wins Head Chief, then the next highest voted person will earn LVP.

This will now make you fight to earn power with MVP, but also give you a chance to try and take away power from the Head Chief with LVP! And the first poll will be posted tomorrow!

Good luck guys, and think about how hard you want to fight for both!
121 days 18 hours ago
OMGGGG im scared lol
121 days 18 hours ago
Ewww I don't that at all
121 days 18 hours ago
R.I.P me
121 days 17 hours ago
Not more spam
121 days 17 hours ago
All these popularity contests lol *checks my level*

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