Balanced and Unbalanced

As everything should be.
This is a game with no challenge and is mainly voting based.

Phase 1.
20 players put into pairs.
There are 2 voting areas.
The poll and the players.
The poll is a poll.
The players is where other players vote.
The goal of a pair is for 1 to win the poll vote and the other to win the player vote. If they fail they are both eliminated. If they pass they both remain. Phase 1 continues until 10 are left.

Phase 2 (10 left)
The 10 remaining players are put into groups of 5.
Their goal this time is to get 1 person to win both the player vote and the poll vote. Fail and 1 person on your team is randomly eliminated. Pass and somebody on the other team is randomly eliminated.

Phase 3(8 left.)
This phase changes each game. For this game the 8 remaining players will be put into a tournament bracket. 1 side is based of poll votes and the other side is based of player votes. At the finals it will be just a poll vote. The player with the most votes wins.

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Balanced and Unbalanced

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