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195 days 11 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

This is your seventh mission of the season. As stated earlier, you will be playing this mission in TEAMS. As, you also know this mission is a VETERAN ELIMINATION DAY, the lowest placing team with a Veteran will have to one person as last place. For this round, the Troika will be compromised of the winning team. Remember, the Troika is the ONLY way to ensure your safety, as each person in the Troika will nominate one person to face the Inquistion. While the last place person will be determined by the person voted in by their team members.


Team 01- Absol, Jaybirdnifty, Kgamer2218
Team 02- IceBeast, Lalisa, WitZ
Team 03- Pieguy555, PoohSnap, sjsoccer88
Team 04- doubledarefan01, nmh95, top20fan33
Team 05- macken, Michael101, Saftronbtr999
Team 06- AlanDuncan, cfff, Mybash_

The name of this mission is  "Weight On Me".

In this mission, each person has been assigned a number from 1 to 18. Along with that number, each person also has 1000 pounds of weight in the form of fake bricks to distribute among their fellow competitors.

The weight is yours to distribute as you please, but you are required to give weight to AT LEAST 4 COMPETITORS.

The catch?

You will NOT be told your numbers in this mission, without a penalty. If you are desperate to find out your number, you may ask me, but you will be issued a 1000 pound penalty to your total.

If you fail to distribute your weight before the deadline, then your score will be the highest amount of weight someone on your team received multiplied by four. Additionally, you will NOT be allowed to vote for last place should you not distribute your weight.

At the end of the competition, the team with the LOWEST amount of weight will win this mission and from the Troika. While the team with a Veteran with the highest amount of weight will be last place, one person on your team will be going into the Ring.

Please, when you submit, use this TEMPLATE



You may start this mission now and it will last until tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 AM PST (10 AM EST). Your votes for last place will also be due at that time.

Good Luck!
195 days 10 hours ago
IN THE EVENT OF A TIE, the team who had LESS people give them weight will be given favor. If that ties, then team who had all members submit first will be given favor.
193 days 23 hours ago

Full Chart

1st Place: Team 5 with a weight of 1,400 pounds
2nd Place: Team 3 with a weight of 1,630 pounds
3rd Place: Team 6 with a weight of 2,305 pounds
4th Place: Team 2 with a weight of 4,400 pounds
5th Place: Team 1 with a weight of 6,885 pounds after penalites from JT and Kyle not submitting
6th Place: Team 4 with a weight of 1,4,410 pounds after a penalty from Nels not submitting


Congratulations Team 5, you are the winners of this mission! In addition to splitting $25,000, you both have earned a spot in the Troika! As the Troika, Macken, Michael, and Ian, you will each be responsible for selecting one person to go into the Inquisition.

Team 4, you have come in last place, but since this is a Veterans Elimination Day only Cameron is elgible to be sent in. Cameron, by default, you are the last place player and will be going into the Ring.

Troika, you have until tomorrow (Thursday) 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) to send in your nomination for Inquisition.
192 days 12 hours ago
The person who owns this account (me) just logged on for the first time in a few months to play a couple rounds obviously as I can see someone has been using my account to play in your game. I would love to continue playing as I have changed the password and am certain he will not be back into this account anytime soon.

Anything I should know or you want to ask me?

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