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Before you continue reading, you'll have to know that in order to play you'll need to be able to be online at 5pm Pacific Time AT LEAST once a week. I hate floaters and inactives in my games (especially when there's a cash prize), so you will be required to attend at least 1 of the 3 weekly meet ups. If you cannot abide by that, please do not continue reading, seeing as you will be automatically evicted if you miss more than 2 challenges/evictions. I understand people get busy and have work, I'm sorry if this schedule doesn't work for you, but I need to find players that perfectly fit the bill. This is going to be a big season and I want the "Ultimate" cast.

The rules of the game are simple. Every week we have 3 meet ups (Fri, Sat, Sunday), but only one eviction... Usually 馃槈 Friday will be the "Reward Challenge" day. These will be basic simple challenges that give immunity for Saturdays challenge and Sunday's eviction along with occasional secret bonuses that only the winner will be aware of. Saturday will be the "Ultimate Challenge" where contestants will fight for their life in the game. The standard Ultimate Challenge eviction process goes something like this. The losing two contestants (or teams) will face eviction on Sunday. When Sunday comes, everyone will have put in their votes sometime between late Saturday and 5pm Sunday. I will then read the votes at 5pm Pacific time and the contestant will be asked to leave immediately. When Ultimate Challenge "adapts" to a game style such as Survivor or Big Brother, the eviction will follow the show's eviction rules

Another requirement for the game is access to multiple apps or sites OTHER than Tengaged (Roblox, OMGPOP, Chatzy). Tengaged challenges can get very boring and repetitive (i.e. Polls, random org. etc.). I realize a minority of people don't have access to a computer so I'll try my hardest to make all challenges mobile compatible, or at the very least give you ample warning of when you'll need a computer by. If by chance you cannot get to a computer, but you at least show up or tell me in advance, it will not count as a "missed" challenge/eviction, but you still will not be safe from eviction.

Along with attendance, you will be required to submit a journal entry once every 2 weeks. The entries must be submitted anytime between Sunday after the eviction to Monday at 5pm Pacific time. Fail to submit two entries (even tiny ones) and be evicted.

One thing I will tell you is the FINAL challenge will not be decided by a Jury. I think the jury 80% of the time is bitter, so if you're looking for a group game where you can be a jerk and win challenges, this could be the place for you. With that being said, evictions are still based on contestants votes. This is a hidden sentence to see who actually read the RRR. If you're reading this put "Giraffe" as your favourite animal on your application.

For those of you that have played or watched Ultimate Challenge, knows it is not shy of adding a few twists here and there. Now the hard thing with "twist" gameplay is no one knows what is actually a twist and what is "the host trying to interfere with the game". I have never once (and will not) manipulated my own games. Friends and even enemies of mine can play for all I care. All I want is a good and active season. If you're one of my enemies and are afraid of joining, don't be. Steal $50 from me for all I care, and if you're a friend... No hand outs from me unfortunately. All I have is my word (and all of Tengaged watching) so sign up and see if you have what it takes to win this years Ultimate Challenge!
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Added 04/01/2018

Any player that continually tests, taunts, or accuses the host shall be ejected from the game. This is a fun, fair and competitive environment. We're here to have fun

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