Novamax243's 1st Hunger Games

24 teenagers will be selected to become tributes and placed in an arena. Here they will fight to the death until only one tribute remains, who will claim the title of Victor.

~Year 1 Winner~
District 6 (Transportation)
Melissa McDonald (me2013) (18 y/o)

Deaths of the 1st Games:
24th: Michelle Obama (iiAmazing) (18 y/o) (Head bashed in)
23rd: Cane Redwood (NPC) (14 y/o) (Heart pierced)
22nd: Jessica Coxal (NPC) (15 y/o) (Skewered by spear)
21st: Sky Love (lolsteven) (17 y/o) (Jugular sliced)
20th: Karma Saxton (Allyxox) (17 y/o) (Knife to face)
19th: Waddles Gibson (EM002) (15 y/o) (Spear through the brain)
18th: Lucy Lovejoy (iichaoskimmy) (12 y/o) (Throat slit)
17th: Porter Chopp (AintItFun) (13 y/o) (Repeatedly stabbed)
16th: Aaron Xaiver (mysterygame2) (16 y/o) (Head disfigured)
15th: Bitch Potter (Sloth_Roman) (12 y/o) (Quite literally backstabbed)
14th: Diamond Dancer (lhooper902976) (17 y/o) (Attempted to cross a freezing river)
13th: Justin Alexander (Girllover101) (17 y/o) (Hypothermia)
12th: Mario Malavia (NeonGrape1) (16 y/o) (Stabbed by trident)
11th: Juan Menende (wwecmw) (17 y/o) (Arrow to head)
10th: Peetniss Everlark (Chandlerp1996) (18 y/o) (Stabbed to death)
9th: Mabel Pines (Flamey9999) (13 y/o) (Contracting Border)
8th: "X" (FireX) (17 y/o) (Contracting Border)
7th: Eric Laguna (BrainJak) (16 y/o) (Slit throat)
6th: Fox Mccloud (pikaplayer) (18 y/o) (Blood loss by multiple wounds)
5th: Olga Ribbons (Kgamer2218) (14 y/o) (Neck sliced)
4th: Elsie Palatia (THEChanelOberlin) (16 y/o) (Knife between eyes)
3rd: Kleo Devanagari (aria_grande) (14 y/o) (Knocked off tree into gas)
2nd: Al Aska (TheSexiestDude990) (18 y/o) (Fell into poisonous gas)


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