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Tengaged Winter 2017 Election

On December 29th 2017, the first ever President-Elect of will be decided. This is the group where all applications and information will be posted.

Announcing to the public on Friday, December 1st.

These dates are within the U.S. eastern standard timezone.

How the Presidential Election works:
-The 16-18 candidates with the highest percentage of votes as of December 8th will be entered into the cycle. They will partake in a competition reminiscent of the Big Brother Stars game in order to test their skills negotiating, strategizing, campaigning and making great deals. This will begin December 9th.

-On December 16th, three will remain. The Tengaged populous, level by level, will vote on whether they approve or disapprove of each candidate. Having the majority of a color level approve, wins the candidate a delegate. The two with the most delegates will be announced Saturday, December 23rd, and will move on to the general election as the nominees.

-From Sunday, December 24th until Friday, December 29th, Tengagers will cast their votes for who they want as their first President. Each color level will have a certain number of electoral votes given to the nominee who wins the majority of the said level's votes. These electoral votes will be based on the plussing and betting power for that level in games and blogs. Thus, there will be a maximum of 120 electoral votes to be won. The nominee who wins a simple majority of 61 electoral votes will become the President-Elect.

-The President-Elect will be formally inaugurated on January 1st 2018.

How the Senatorial Election works:
-There will be one senator elected for each color level.

-There will be one big poll for each Senate primary race opening December 17th. The two-three candidates with the highest percentages as of Saturday, December 23rd will be the nominees for their color level's senate race.

-When mailing in votes for President, voters will also vote on which of the senatorial nominees they want to represent their color level.

Voting Information: When voting in the general election, the color level you are when your mailed in vote is first seen by a pollster will determine which color level your vote contributes to. Please do not plan on buying a new level within 24 hours of mailing in your ballot, or else your senate vote might not be counted. Polls leading up until the general election for electing senators will be conducted in separate groups (one for each level). The delegate elections will also occur within these groups. The opening primary polls for the Presidential Race however, will be conducted within this group.

President's Powers:
-Reside in and oversee the Tea House.
-Pick a running mate prior to the election, who becomes Vice-President upon inauguration.
-Select a cabinet of officials whose duties will be up to you.
-Propose ideas to be voted on by the Senate.
-Pass or Veto laws proposed by the Senate.
-Make executive orders that can only be repealed with 11 reject votes from the Senate.
-The President will remain in office until a new President is sworn in on April 1st 2018. There will be no reelections.

Senate's Powers:
-To vote on ideas proposed by the President.
-To propose laws later to be passed or vetoed by the President.
-To over-ride a veto if 11 senators vote to over-ride.
-To over-ride executive orders if 11 senators vote to over-ride.
-To call for the impeachment of a President if 11 senators are in support.
-Senators will remain in office until new senators are sworn in on February 15th 2018. There will be no reelections.

If you would like to run for President:
-Fill out the simple forum below.
-Please announce your candidacy in a blog (or vlog) and you will be entered into the first round of polls. Debates can be organized however people decide, and candidates can hold rallies whenever.
-Applications due by December 4th.

If you would like to run for Senate:
-Fill out the simple forum below.
-Please announce your candidacy in a blog (or vlog). 
-Applications due by December 11th.

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Tengaged Winter 2017 Election

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