16 players, 5 mafia and 11 villagers...everyone will be assigned a role in the beginning of the game...5 will be assigned the mafia and will have to kill off the villagers, 1 by 1 until they are outnumbered by the mafia. The villagers have to crack through the lies and forgot out who is lying and who is mafia. They will have the vote out whom they think is mafia at day and hope to not get killed at night. the villagers must kill all 5 mafia while there as at least 1 villager last standing. Are you ready to play mafia mystery? pyn in the applications and once we reach 16 i will email roles. mafia will know fellow mafia, but village will not know fellow village. there are 2 cycles. night and day, night everyone does their roles, and day village(and maf) discuss who they think is mafia, and mafia try to seem innocent, then EVERYONE emails me who they would like to execute. that person is killed by village, their role is revealed, and it's night again. NO CHEATING, THATS NO FUN.  check mails often

7 villagers- just innocent fellas, nothing to do at night, but sleep in pray, but their discussion and voting is important to helping the village if they can prove their innocence!!

2 Detectives- These two know who eachother are, and each night they agree on who to investigate. After receiving, I will tell you if they are innocent or not.

1 medic- the medic chooses who to save each night, if the mafia try to kill who the medic tries to save, that person is saved. you can heal yourself.

1 vigilante- the vigilante has 1 bullet in the entire game, and must shoot that bullet within the first three nights. he emails me who he thinks is mafia and would like to shoot, after 3 nights, shoot or not, vigilante become a villager.

4 Mafiosos- they discuss who they would like to kill and eventually one of them mails me who to kill

1 godfather- the godfather is a mafioso except cannot get caught by detectives, if detectives inv. the godfather, the godfather comes out as innocent.

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