30 Person Stars (DAY 26)

A 30 player version of STARS.
The 30 players will nominate each other. And the 2+ people with the most nominations will be up for elimination.
Current Cast
Brien (justdontevictme)
Pretty Rodger (RogelioWii)
Jack W. (RealJacksonWalsh)
4th- Teresa(Flamey9999)(50.0%)
5th- Issa(BadGirlsClubFan)(52.4%)
6th- Liam-Adrian(Kingliam)(64.7%)
7th- Tony(MrSparkly69)(55.0%)
8th- Mikey(TheBestlerHOH)(63.6%)
9th- Nichole(Nichole98)(53.3%)
10th-Eli(epicwaffelz23)(Ejected for Inactivity)
12th- Rodrigo(rodrigueseve)(88.2%)
13th- Soap (Aintitfun)(73.3%)
14th- iTy990(42.1%)
15th- Bridgette(BridgetteBlonde)(68.8%)
16th- Chad(XShift)(68.8%)
17th- Lydia(Lydia09)(Ejected for inactivity)
18th- Zach(Tommy123)(Ejected for inactivity)
19th- Paul(PaulBrooks)(35.3%)(50%)(Random Draw)
22nd- James (Jameslu)(77.8%)
23rd-Brandon(Bdreezy15)(Ejected for inactivity)
26th- Nicholas(BBCANfan)(Ejected for inactivity)
27th- Jack(XoXU) (59.3%)
28th- Renny (Renny10) (26.1%)(50%)
29th-Anna (Annamay)-Quit
30th- Dane (Dane_Williams)(53.3%)

Featured Players 2 playing

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521 days 21 hours ago
30 Player Stars(PYN TO PLAY)
32 postsCreated by Birew34 on 523 days 18 hours ago
Last post by Birew34
522 days 3 hours ago

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30 Person Stars (DAY 26)

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